Fish Fry Recipe- Fish Fry Indian Style- Fish Fry In Wild- Indian Forest

Fish Fry Recipe- Fish Fry Indian Style- Fish Fry In Wild- Indian Forest

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Fish Fry Recipe- Fish Fry Indian Style- Fish Fry In Wild- Indian Forest

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Fish Fry Recipe- Fish Fry Indian Style- Fish Fry In Wild- Indian Forest

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shrikant kendale says:

very small pan for 2 fish…

Arup Chatterjee says:

bro grill it instead of frying

rajeev kapoor says:

Who Adidas soya man..spoiled the fish.

Syead Mohuddion says:


Habu Ubah Abhu says:

You guys are always put too much spices and you font turn fish too much. You loosing skin and get mushy

Bofors Agent says:

what the hell did ja add the soya sauce for?? then served with tomato ketchup!!! rest is fine 🙂

suchai piset says:

Iron chef of India.

Peter Ferrao says:

poor audio air noise cant hear the ingridients

Ms Afghan says:

hahahahaa Adiot

Rohit Kamle says:

which fish is this?

Shaikh Fareed says:


Habu Ubah Abhu says:

Too much craps on those fish dude. You won’t taste fish at all except soy and catch. Up

Saqibhussain Hussain says:

I want to taste
looks so yummy

Nadeem Mohammed says:

baad me usku aap paste kyuon banadeye

decentlilly says:

uffff itna sara red chili piwder

Om Tiwari says:

Man!!? You guys were cooking in reverse order. Chopping after cooking, also, you could have covered the fish and just moved may be once or twice.

Giriprasad K says:

Presentation is very very very poor…. Sorry to say this…

Nadeem Mohammed says:

poora Acha banake baad me kyoun barbaad kare bhai. …ye koun kara peces poora baigan me mila deya

Zak Zak says:

need cover the fish wile frying

Kavita Meg says:

Well done

abdul mughal says:

U need sharp and big knife

shyron luigi says:

there arent fish any longer , they’re spices and sauces

Yalinikanagarathnam Madisuper says:

super bro

asad khan says:


Nadeem Mohammed says:

aap nai samaj rai my kya bolra

Ali Zarfi 786 says:

بہت اچھی لگی مووی چلو پھر کھا لیں گے شکریہ

Nadeem Mohammed says:

not good bro…poora Acha banake baad me kyoun katt kare aap poora saalid raknatha

Sharon Raposo says:

who the hell puts soya in fish fry

Tannu Gajraj says:

but u r not there bro…..

Habu Ubah Abhu says:

Why bother to garnish fish looking crappy.

Rojen Nilanka says:

WOW looks delicious… thank you

Tannu Gajraj says:

plz send me video of chiken dum biryani….,

Giriprasad K says:

Should Have added Rice powder with Corn Flour or all Purpose powder to cover the skin.. you could have got a nice texture.. Fish Skin is completely peeled….

Tannu Gajraj says:

yes, u r right bro….

Shimaz Shakeel says:


Tayir Alssabah says:

it’s totally mess,

sherani sherani says:

hmmmm yummmy

Ibad Khan says:


Deepak Singh says:

bejubaan janwaro ka khana maha paap he .. khudke shauk ke liye dusre ki jaan lena apradh he..

Deepak Kumar says:

Too much spices. The real taste of fish is lost by that. A bit less spices and sauces would have done.

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