Emu bird recipe – Emu meat curry – Country Foods

How to cook emu bird recipe – Emu meat curry – Country Foods

An emu is the second largest (surviving) flightless bird which is native to Australia and related to the Ostrich. The meat is a finely textured red meat similar in taste to beef. It has considerably less fat content than beef and is high in protein and nutritional value.

Emu meat will readily accept marinades within 30-60 minutes. Longer marinating is also acceptable. Since emu is a low fat red meat the cooking methods used need to be modified accordingly. For the best flavor and tenderness cook on med-high heat searing in the natural juices. The steaks of fillets can be butterfly cut to ensure thorough cooking if a well done meat is desired. Take meat off the heat before the pink is out of the middle. Emu meat will continue to cook after removal from the heat, so let the meat set for several minutes before cutting. Always cut against the grain of the meat.

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Alan Tan says:

I used to work in Mumbai for a spell. Ate every thing under the sun. Never saw Emu. That looks lovely. Does it taste like chicken? I would have flavoured it wiht the tumeric leaves I see in the background….. and yogurt. But thanks for putting up the post. I learnt a new cooking style. The chinese dont cook like this. I will give it a try. WOuld it be better to use coconut milk instead?

ALI KHAN says:

i really love this foods, background just superb !

Kiing milli says:

I’m going to buy them a blender

Kiing milli says:

don’t agree with killing​ emu’s but im no one to judge

kumar Kumar says:

yea adiwasi kaha key hey

Janith Lahiru says:

henama gahapiya

Dexter Villanueva says:

imo luto imo kaon

vimalprince Stanley says:

I’m a bit confused. To skin the bird ultimately why bother plucking the feathers? Nevertheless I liked the video.

Peaceistheanswer27 says:

talk about seasoning, lawddd

desh raj chaudhary kailali dhusar says:

nice cooking I do

Usman Saqi says:

they r eating like dogs

Officer Nivelle says:

The one cooking is a grandson?

sky du says:


Adanlicious Pie says:

There’s a lot of racist comments

Crusoe says:

Man I’m astounded by the fact you live in a shithole and you still manage to have a nice camera and film well all the processing of the food. It looks so tasty btw

János Tóth says:


Dragonze Watermellon says:

And kids, this is what happens when Big Bird retires from Sesame Street.

Alan Tan says:

By the way, do you boil it to tenderise it first? With ginger the way some people cook goat?

Amanda Chinapen says:

Such disrespectful comments form some people. Not everyone needs to have a luxurious lifestyle to be happy. Maybe the ones leaving such nasty comments need to travel and learn a little about other cultures. Good video, and love eating with the hands. You never tasted the true beauty of a meal unless you’ve eaten it on a fig leaf with your hands.

Ranjeth Kumar says:

Super annaya lu

Kjell k says:

was soll das ihr homos

Ravi Kiran says:

orey, kerala valla videos chusi meru kuda adivi jantuvu laga enti ra ah tinadam.

rajeev rathod says:

Insaan hoker jaanwaro waali harkate Shame on human

Puneeth S says:

No wonder if you eat humans or your family people.

mansudha rao says:

low fat meat

Rahul Tundel says:

1:51 The reason India is facing the water crises..

Prashant Bhatnagar says:

fuck u non veg bastards. for your tongue you motherfuckers will eat any fucking thing. assholes

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