Doi Maach – Fish with Yogurt Gravy – Bengali Cuisine Indian Recipe

Detailed Recipe:


Suprovat Pramanik says:

fantastic recipes

Sanjeev Panandikar says:

No mustard paste or Poppy seed paste, as in traditional Bengali recipe?

Niger ruji says:

too much water……

joconde87 says:

Could you tell me where to find a spatula like yours? I have been looking for that specific, silicone top, steel handle, angled spatula for ages, and can’t find one! I’d really appreciate it!!

Tasmin Khan says:

Pleas teach me How to cook veg with shrimp.

pranab das says:

You are talking more than demonstration. 

critic ami says:

u always cook until oil is seperated, hhahhaha . always do the same way ….. though fish is not cooked in this way at least in Bengali style

mousumi bhattacharyya says:

Please don’t mind about this “critic ami”. He is no good at all. Being a Bengali foodie I do agree with the oil separation thing as I do see in my home it regularly. I don’t know how this critic cooks but we cook like that. I enjoy all of your recipes very much and even recommend to my friends. Please keep it up 🙂

Sandipan Chakraborty says:

Every time I fry the fish it gets broken. No matter how lightly I fry them or how much fresh fish I am using it tends to break into pieces. Help needed here. Being a Bengali myself I relish on fish but I get dejected when it comes to preparing as I somehow mess it up somewhere. Still not given up, will keep trying. Anyways, great recipe for all fish lovers, I have tried the same recipe at many restaurants and it was great and i am sure your’s will also be awesome. Great cooking..

survision26 says:

Very well said. (y).

Rajni Soharu Pradhan says:

Very good recipe. It turned out very well. Thank you.

Goutam Sengupta says:

very nice to see that you guys have respected the authentic recipe because this is a classic, one thing though, leave the cardamoms in their pods. Just crush it a bit to release their oil. That way when you fry then with the masala, the outer casing of the pod protects the cardamoms from burning.


I want to seevlast week balika vadhu serial

vanscoyoc says:

I’m using tilapia or catfish and they can use their disgusting carp.

semanti ramkumar says:

Soulhang…I’m sure ur soul hanged….where r u from? r u sure u belong to this planet called Earth? or r u from Mars? wherever u r from …it sure is a sad place with uneducated ill informed people…no wonder u r like this!

Tasmin Khan says:

Please teach me how to cook Fish with cauliflower and Potato

bill cook says:

Also did I hear you guys say in another video you are in TX ? Me, Wichita Falls. Also known as the cultural center of North Texas. Drop in for drinks anytime !!

Sona Modi says:

I M bengoli person after seeing this dish i feel like to die…..

Kuntal Sarkar says:

thank u girls

hema sharma says:


Ram narayan mohapatra says:

too much useless talking

Nabin Bairagi says:

I think, water was too much. 🙂

Nyctophiliac C says:

i’d fuck hetal

Souvik Biswas says:

Nice & Easy one .. Thanks for sharing the bengali recipe

Aamir Ilahi says:

No imli?

Debi Prasad Ghosh says:

This preparation proved to be fantastic for me, a Bengali.However, though some preparations vary a little bit from each other,yours was really very good.

Subrata das says:


Debashis Banerjee says:

I am surprised that being Gujjus you eat fish !!

ThePearlshine says:

How many years you have been staying in US.. I asked so bcos musturd oil is been used in 70% of didhes all over over india not just bengalis

Md. Shafiqul Alam says:

hetal and anuja tomar bangali

asokmath16 says:

Thanks for the Recipe. But the Transcript added here is wrong. So do work on it.

Gautam Roy says:


Debashis Banerjee says:

You missed out on the Garlic Part (either minced or paste). The color should haven yellowish red. Otherwise it is good.

Rajeeb Satyal says:

Thanks, I tried the same thing and got a very tasty fish curry that I and my wife enjoyed. To intensify the taste, I used fish cube/sauce instead of salt and garnished with small pieces of lemons. Came out wonderful. Thanks. 

shubham saxena says:

thanx mam to u for shere recipe

halfvolley11 says:

This is not Bengali cuisine. This is North Indian style cuisine. We have far better taste in Bangladesh.

Milan Das says:

thank u mam for shere this

alif imam says:

from singapore

Joe DeWan says:

I agree with Mousumi. I’m just an amateur cook, happen to be a Bengali. I love cooking and enjoy it very much. Hetal and Anju are my favorites. I always look forward to your cooking. I’ve learned so much from you guys.. can’t thank you enough. Please keep it up.

I says:

Your recipes are surprisingly simple and good. I had my doubts whatever they would be  ‘INDIAN’, but now I always check your recipes! Thanks 🙂

Ruchira Chakraborty says:

why is that funny?

soulhang says:

Bengalis has a cuisines !! This is funny

rahul mor says:

awesome ..!i made it ..! thank you so much for recipe ..!

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