DJ BBQ’s Perfect Steak Recipe

Love a good steak? Then give your steak some love! This is the most awesome cut of meat and method you’ll find this side of planet Radatron. Stoke it up Food Tubers!

Turn your BBQ up to 11 with DJ BBQ’s guide to the perfect grill :

How do you cook your steak? What handy tips can you share with the world. C’mon – spread the meaty love y’all!

There are loads more recipes and madness over on DJ BBQ’s channel right now – check it out:

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cutthr0ats says:


mercy collera says:

I enjoyed this video specially when he was dancing..! Great

The Pinnacle says:

This is the thing that triggers vegans

Emilio says:

Swedes will understand the rumpa joke

Amazigh AFRICA says:

what this steak called

derek xiao says:

thor makes steak in his free time

Rainier Lim says:

dj bbq try to make bacon wrapped steak with hot melted butter

Ɽũşʈỹ says:

…is that really medium rare?

Herre Bosma says:

Haha, kogelbiefstuk! Koogggggel

Nicolas Sierra says:

vaamos ese chimichurri carajo! viva el asado y la bbq

ben berk says:

lol thats like a solid medium

Nadeem Najimdeen says:

Is that chuck norris??
Or his doppleganager??

e.i mccool says:

what kind of music genre do you play ?

Ari says:

DJ BBQ strikes me as the type of dude that is super outgoing and charismatic on camera, but it’s just to mask the fact that he’s a violent psychopath with chronic depression

clorax bleach says:

i really love how he has humor in every video he did

Seb Bielicki says:

I really like that you bring an amateur vibe to this channel! All the other people are pro chefs and it looks unreachable… You, however, have imperfect technique, a party vibe, and the food looks good. It almost looks “family” style. Keep up the good work!

Jonathan Slayer says:

Am I the only one that likes medium well?


he is so funny..

장혜지 says:

I would KILL to see a video where this guy hangs out with Phil X

Jerry Morris says:

thats medium too over for mid rare

BER7HEL says:

“It has to be room tempature” * stand outside with the beef *

Koen Prud'homme van Reine says:


Louinel Balangan says:

Title of the intro music pls. 🙂

Min Roh says:

Dj bbq with some horrible jokes

Prime Beef Club says:

keep it up!

Big mike 6689 says:

Is that Jaime Oliver ?? No right ??

juan pablo says:

aguante el asado, con un buen vacio y una bondiola

Mr Nisky says:

Way too proud of his country lol

Rob van Kemenade says:

Kogel biefstuk!

The moment he said “bullet” I knew what he meant, but then he also said “Kogel”

+100 for this bbq hero. Love to try his steak some time.

559KING says:

What kind of wood is used for this?

William Glover says:

I swear white peopled don’t know how to season shit lol

DJRap999 says:

I never knew PartyBoy (Chris Pontius from Jackass) had a YouTube channel and knew how to cook steak like that!

Matthew Bay says:

Make BBQ great again hat…?

Md Salim says:

so cool

x lil chestnuts x says:

He reminds me of my English teacher lol

Episode says:

I learnt a lesson,I should never watch these kinds of vids at night

Michael Roman says:

you should do smoked beef ribs

[-LazySloth-] -gg says:

cooking with chuck norris?

Udaya Hrsha says:

what’s the soundtrack ?!

InvaderZim13 says:

i want a mullet

loonie says:

did u eat raw meat? , it is still raw , see the blood

Vetzinloos says:

I give you a like just for the dutch pronounciation (or however the f*** you spell that word) of the dutch word: kogel, nice try tho xD (the g is kinda like a hissing cat)

mikeje305 says:

these guy is goofy

Steven Mercado says:

Christian dude! Steak looks so good! Yo, next time you’re in the D.C. area, I’ll host you in my backyard!

Todd Keshishian says:

My mouth is watering and its 3am about to get up and light the grill

NovaRockzGD says:

I love this guy

Siergiej882 Kowaliow says:


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