Dessert Recipes – How to Make English Trifle

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Watch how to make a traditional English trifle dessert that’s both elegant and delicious. White cake is cubed and layered between sweetened fresh fruit and vanilla pudding. Be sure to take the time to build this in a clear dish or glass to show off the beautiful layers.

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shehed11 says:

Simple and straight forward. I like!

KiaSan89 says:

does look lovely.. but its not a English trifle, the fruit and cake gets mixed with Sherry and Jelly then has custard and cream.

Sockeye2013 says:

This is not English trifle – sacrilege

Crtropical says:

The voice is back!

joe Thomson says:

i’m english too, do mine with jelly, custard whipped cream, and sprinkles on top yummy! dont know where this version came from but it looks good, probs will give it a try, thank you for shareing

Betty Tina says:

NOT an English trifle!! I’m English and this is not what we know!

happy 1234 says:

what can I replace the almond with ?? any idea ?

Harry Coplin says:

this is american trifle

جينفر الحيدري says:

Very nice

Bevcrusherfan says:


Azmawati's Kitchen says:

Simple and straight forward. Looks very delicious. that’s great

Hexinvir says:

Where is the beef sauteed with peas and onions? #Friends

Max Caulfield says:

serving size: one

Lailajan Hamid says:

yamy and thanx for recept

rabaa رابعة says:

Welcome back narrator! but this is not a English Trifle!

Michael Giffin says:

I agree. In a real trifle the cubes of cake would be drizzled with sherry or a liqueur. There would be thick pouring custard (not baked) and a lot more of it (the cake would be soaked). There would also be cubes of set jelly (jello).

MemoGrafix says:

Somehow I get the feeling this isn’t English. Judging from the different one in the video suggestions to the right. Or are Trifles made with whatever You wish?

ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia says:

That’s not how we make an English trifle. English trifle has jelly in it that covers the fruit and cake. When it is set, then custard goes on the top, sprinkled with coconut.

darkspd31 says:

this looks f****** gross unsubscribe

LCbabyxO says:

the narrator is back!!!! yaaaasss

Imran Raja says:


DDelilahM says:

This isnt an English trifle ….. this is a poor facsimile….. Real English trifle has custard…not instant pudding… it also has alcohol like sweet sherry, grand marnier etc ….this is like a short cut version for people who dont know how to make any desserts….

Breakfast Recipes says:


Nadya Gallegos says:

voice and intro are back!!!!!

Vema Price says:


Tori Carrillo says:

Yay! The narration is back!

سُبحانَ اللّه و بحمده says:

Thank you

Julia Lupercio says:

wow se mira .muy rico gracias

Megan Davies says:

This is terrible and definately not an ENGLISH trifle. Where’s the sherry and custard? You NEED alcohol in a proper trifle… better recipe is here but its really simple. Bottom layer cake, jelly (jello) and alcohol (usually sherry but you can experiment with others) a layer of fruit (usually berries) a layer of custard that is then set and then a layer of whipped cream topped with chocolate or hundreds and thousands…. I think this has got me more mad then it needed to but what you have above is some kind of weird fruit salad.

Joseph Wilson says:

Where’s the ground beef?

owen gleeson says:

looks good but this isnt traditional triffle

Brooke Eyles says:

This looks delicious but it’s not English trifle hahaha

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