Dessert Recipes – How to Make Cheesecake In a Jar

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Win popularity contests at backyard potlucks all summer long with fresh and delicious cheesecakes in jars! Swapping out graham crackers for a crushed pecan shortbread crust and topping with a dreamy blend of cream cheese, lemon juice, cream, sugar & strawberries, every spoonful is bright with berry flavor and smooth, creamy deliciousness!

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Chop Happy says:

NY classic with a jar twist. This would be fun for dinner party!

lori8973 says:

ooohhh looks deeeelicious!!

Adel says:

brilliant idea – thank you

Country Hill Cottage says:

❤ Strawberry cheesecake in a jar! Totally in love with these!

Marvin Cookie says:

what is the title of the background music? 🙁

Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:


Jiji Kwon says:

2 tablespoons of what ?

Loka and Rudy says:

This look so good 🙂

Jiji Kwon says:

can I use lemon tea or lemon extract to replace the lemon juice? if so which one can I use

Jiji Kwon says:

does it need lemon juice

lc11214 says:

What happened to the narrator? Are they trying to save cost by putting the captions instead?

AnimalLover#1 AnimalLover#1 says:

oooo I love cheescake! great video this looks so delicious!

Luigino Pigmeanni says:

Super ! Thank you


White text on a white video?

Eric Kong says:

Great recipe

Dolan Twins Love says:


Shirin Champ says:

wat is bread cookies??

Blazi Ken says:

Can I store the mixture and make one at a time?

Margaret Bieler says:

I’ve been wanting to buy little jars for sometime. I might have to make the plunge.

pop candy says:

my first video i ever saw was how to make pancake and someone talks but i dont hear anybody talking in this video or any other video in this channel

Five Dee says:

That just woke up my sweet tooth. Looks sooooo good except I would use crushed cinnamon granola at the bottom. Ugh so good!

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