Crispy Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

It’s the opening of Fishing season, and fresh caught Trout are on the menu at the Pit. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys prepare and then pan fry the fish in a simple batter to get that awesome crunch in every bite. CRUNCH And, it’s real easy to do. -…Please Subscribe, Fav and Share us. Thanks..! Are you looking for barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your Pit, family picnic, or tailgating party? Then put your Barbecue Shoes on because we’re serving up some delicious, moist and tender, and real easy to do cooking on the ol’ BBQ grill.

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Darren Armstrong says:

British fish and chips r the best

Chulin Pan says:


Amy Liu says:

you smell that? it smells good!!!!! Lol

Derek Fisher says:

those annoying ass birds made it that much more real and “outdoorsy”

Aprion says:

Nothing like some fresh fried fish. Makes me so hungry just looking at this. Time to get some.

Sean Ivie says:

the guy in the cammo hat swallow the fish or just keep stuffing his mouth? :S

Paula Banáné says:

Csak ismételni tudom, az előző véleményeimet !! Hálás köszönet !!!

thebigdcross says:


B 's Guns, Cars & Guitars says:

does anyone else try to smell what he’s cooking when he says “can you smell that… it smells goood” or is it just me

John Cena says:

Pit boys, i got one question for you. Do you support donald trump?

Paula Banáné says:

Nagyon szeretem a halat ! Köszönöm szépen !!

Warachat Sogong says:

love you so much from Thailand, I could smell that. yum yum

Dragon1717 says:

What kind of beer did you put in the egg wash? I guess whatever beer is your beer of choice would do the trick..

intan truly says:

always presenting wonderful delicious , mouth watering food…thank you guys

chrissiblanton says:

enjoy! !

MrAwsomenoob says:

you guys should make some pork tenderloin sandwiches they’re to die for soooo good

Skeets K says:

Sounds good cept I find one freekin fish bone Im done

Werner Bezuidenhout says:

Lord have mercy… That the best fish eatin by the pit! YeaHH!!

Ronnie DiMaio says:

I like how you ate it like a corn cob

Booze Cruise Reviews says:

Totally addicted to your channel! Keep it up!

Vernonu9 says:

No heads.

Debbie Holland says:

Som’in smells fishy. LOL

Paula Banáné says:

Kedvemre való ez a recept ! Az információ számodra lenne fontos M. 15. !!! Mások számára nem publikus !!! Itt tudom biztonsággal tudtodra adni !!!

Shelley McLean says:

I have spend the last 2 hours watching your videos and I have decided that I should come live there so y’all can feed me. LMBO everything looks wonderful!!

dior1006 says:

Lemon pepper on my trout please 😉

turbocat1984 says:

132 thumbs down? WTF?

Dreadie Andy says:

Fish is the best of meats in my opinion. Lean, tasty, and good for you. A triple threat

Joseph Russell says:

Mm yummy

sikthehedgehog says:

Yay for subtitles (‘ヮ’ )/ ← *has trouble listening to English (yeah, not my first language)*

mktrombi1 says:

just got my new Napoleon infra-red charcoal grill, can’t wait to use it!

Ray Choy says:

Please show the fishing like last time omg the fishing hols look amazing up there

Paula Banáné says:

Köszönöm ismét ! Kellemes a zene és jó hallani a madarak csicsergését is !! Élmény volt számomra !!!

Young Nutrition says:

Can we look forward to another trout recipe to try before the season is over !? Maybe minor catching action too 🙂

Col. Penopskot says:

Thanks a ton for the vid guys I really miss fried trout!

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