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How to cook Fish and Chips. This is a very easy recipe for crispy fish and chips.

For the batter:
1 cup self rising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cup beer

All ingredients need to be very cold.

Beer and flour ratio will need to be adjusted depending upon your flour.

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Naomi B says:

I think you did great ! Skin off the potatoes for the chips though usually 🙂 sorry so many rude fellow Brits posting in your comments though 🙂

blacksheep angie says:

very nice

Jay Stevens says:


why areyou racist the world doesnot belong toyou says:

his preparation that particular recipe takes too long it doesn’t take that long to make good fish and chips and I perfected my own batter

Hung Shar says:

Made my first fish and chips in life. It was perfect. Thank you.

pj bradley says:

with mushy peas.Mmmmmmmmm

Lance Meaux says:

great stuff! I’m making it tonight for dinner!

chris williamson says:

In the north of England we add the little bits of batter that comes of the fish ontop of the chips they’re called scraps, looks good though making me want to go to the local chippy now.

Patrick-NoLongerInUse says:

This not how to make English fish n chips.

Evi4666 says:

gah! i’ve tried to fry my fish like this a few times now, i can never get it to flake up! it just comes out kind of soggy. sometimes on the sides it’s crispy and flaky… but a majority of it nope

Aaysa Hassan says:

All for this recipe put alcohol…coz I’m muslim…have other without beer or wine

Harry Stevens says:

He by gum lad you dont tut make fish and chips like that lad, bloody hell you need some maris pipers for starters and keep the milk in tut cow….

clare mcgrath says:

Boiling the tatties? Noooooo…Go to a real chippy for fish,chips & mushy peas.

Shane F says:

very nice clean kitchen you have!

Alex Xx says:

Hello +james strange 🙂 just wondering what fish did you use & how long did you roughly cook them on each side?

thank you! 🙂

Peter May says:

And you have burnt the chips!!!!

BIGG-LEFTY 75 says:

skins are good too— mate

G GILES says:

this shit was hilarious, thats the loudest stove ive ever heard, it usually sounds like that when theres too much water in it

Adam Ye says:

James I’ll give you a tip. Disable the comments next time. They are depressing.

falcondriver100 says:

LMAO!! Steam came out of your mouth after you ate that fish way too hot!

Dazzii-Delta Bravo says:

it just pissed me off when American ppl say ohhh this is traditional fish n chips, which is an English dish, it’s like me making a video saying, this is traditional corn dogs or hot wings, then make them different to what Americans do….. please quit mate….. your recipee is slow and your kids will be hungry all that cooking time

Charizarzar says:

Hopefully you don’t just get fish and chips from pubs. They taste so much better from an actual fish and chip shop.

Roy Udarbe says:

your chips look like wedges

Michelle Bush says:

You shouldn’t put the salt in until the water is boiling, or you will scar the pan

BillVol says:

Never seen fries done like that but it seems to work.

Midwest Mommy Files says:

Nice video!!! I’ll have to try them. I just had fish and chips at a restaurant and I was craving for more. Thanks again.

Charles Ferguson says:

I swear to God, you’ve got the same kitchen as I do. Are you in Oregon?

Peter May says:

Boiling the spuds. Are you mad or worse??????
A true chippy, never ever puts milk in the batter!!!!!!

Dan B says:

umm where is the chips?

Sonny Earp says:

You truly live up to your last name. You cooked a disgusting mess.

mrknowitalllt1 says:

i bet that fish is bland

Preston Bozeman says:

6:41 you repeated the same clip lol

Diomerys Ramirez says:

I like the recipe…it must taste good!

d'arc madr says:

Life is so much sweeter once you discover kitchen knives come in sizes larger than 6 inches.

ClosDominguez says:

“How does it look?”
I can’t tell you how it looks with your next video window loading up in front of the fish shot!

Jeff Miller says:

Good grief!

Fabio Gomes says:

Is this safe for children??

Leon kiwi Gamer says:

Haha i just thought about this guy screaming yee harr at the top of his lungs while frying his fish then getting burnt by oil and saying oh fuck i cant belive u done this

scottishthroandthro67 says:

You don’t leave the skin on British chippy chips, that’s very wrong,

Jean Forget says:

what a shitty video

wayne DIOR says:

You need to spend more time talking about the potatoes in water.

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