Cornish Pasty Recipe – Cornish-Style Meat Pies

Learn how to make a Cornish Pasty Recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Cornish-Style Meat Pies recipe!

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Lady Alexa says:

I love you and your show – which has nothing to do with politics, howver, you did ask. You might as well as why Cornish instead of Cornwallian? Why Welsh instead of Walesian or even why not Unites Statesian instead of American? After all there are 3 separate and sovereign nations on the mainland North American continent alone.

Raj Singh says:

the trailing emphasis of your voice is supremely irritating, you are a wasted talented and would be better as a cia torture consultant.

BigFrojo says:

This mothafucka just poured cream over his pasty, bruhh please

Tom Thomas says:

This is nothing like a pasty around Upper Michigan but this probably would be its own goodness

Wood Frontier says:

Man that looks good. I love those things.

Anita Marie says:

This actually sounds delish! And you’re right, waiting IS less painful than 3rd degree burns. Especially on the roof of your mouth. Your voice makes me smile.

Marissa Jallow says:

I got like SUPER excited by that Panic! at the Disco reference. anyone else?

Randy VanBever says:

“I’ve been asked to stop visiting the local mine shafts.” Dude’s completely mental. Thanks John!

Sonata Tracey says:

The proto-patty for us Jamaicans. Definitely thicker and more hardy than ours tho. This looks delicious! (but you know what would make it more delicious? *cheese* )

succubus0demon says:

thanke you for an easy way to make transportable food for mini tripe 😀

HKA says:

Most of us don’t work hard like miners did. This food will kill us sedentary folks.

Chancer02 says:

Minor food? Aww just for the kids?

Dante Hart says:

Needs tomato sauce.

Parental Advisory. Explicit Content. says:

For anyone who doesn’t know, when he says not sprockets, He means hot pockets.

Shawn Joseph says:

lol don’t worry because were gonna add butter

eric f says:

Cornish pasties are bland. Finnish pasties are way better. flank steak, potatoes, onions, carrots and rutabaga. can’t forget the rutabaga. put some spicy katchup on it, amazing.

YouGreedyDirtbag says:

Cornish pasties need to have a big gnarly crust bit that a miner holds onto then chucks away because his hands have made it filthy.

Tristan Bolton says:

very close, but not quite. a traditional cornish pasty uses swede not turnip and as you said has a thicker crust and i personally have never ever seen anyone dare put cream on one before

Patrick Wickham says:

It’s not called a Cornwallish pasty because Cornwall folk are Celtic people, and the Cornish language is different from Germanic languages like English. So it doesn’t quite do the things you would expect.

csufjeff says:

The cream is interesting..I have only had them served with a light brown gravy…I will try it…Cheers

Kris A says:

As a LONG time (but now ex) resident of Cornwall,.. I can confirm that your pasties are NOT worthy of the name you’ve given them. If you want me to show you, then I will, gladly.

guigsy says:

Sorry. My mother is a Cornish maid and we grew up eating Cornish Pasties. I love your videos and think you are great but you are waaaay waaaay off here with this recipe. These in no way shape or form resemble real Cornish Pasties.

Zelnyair says:

“Oggy! Oggy! Oggy!”
“Oy! Oy! Oy!”

Sugar Cookie says:

Go in for the full frontal! hahahahaha  I love this guy!!

colin wilson says:

the people of Cornwall are known as Cornish
so there pasty is named after then

caskwith says:

You know that’s a better looking pasty that some places sell in Cornwall. Of course the crimp is wrong, but you fessed up and I’ll let you off for it, but at least you didn’t butcher it by adding carrot or even peas!

James Smith says:

because people from Cornwall are called cornish, anything from cornwall is called cornish. like British

Lord Whimsical Von Chuff Of Piffington says:

thats not a cornish pasty

Nathan Ware says:

375 pet peeves, that’s a little more than enough to fill a daily calendar!

Steak Williams says:

Those look great! I remember in grade school sometimes wed have these meat pies that were ground beef and potatoes. the inside of the dough was steamed and chewy and the outside was dry and kind of flaky. I probably wouldn’t like it now….but this thing looks like an adult version thats actually good

Chloe Smith says:

When me and my family first moved to England we lived off of cornish pasties and ketchup store brought of course

Bill Halliwell says:

Outstanding and authentic take on the classic Cornish Pastie. Spot on and never forget that little bit of butter on top of the filling before you fold over your pastry; it makes the world of difference to the finished product. For vegans out there you can leave out the meat, add carrot and replace the lard with, ah, what the heck, I’ve never met a Cornish vegan!

miazlo says:

is it good to froze them after being cook ? or it will ruin the product

weeping willow says:

I love you

borkusgod says:

Mmmm. That looks delicious. I’ve got to try this.


asking as a vegetarian with a need for sturdy, packed lunches: what other veg can i substitute instead of the meat? or, idk, tofu or whatever?

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