Cooking a 7 KG Goat in My Village – Cooking Mutton Kulambu Using a Traditional Meat Tenderizer

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Masud Chowdhury says:

শুধু শুধুই তামাশা করা আর কি ? ঐ বলদ, আগেই তো খাশীটা কাটা জেত। ঐ তর জন্ম কি উলটা নাকি?

Joe Gio says:

i thought hindus are not allowed to eat meat

Isaac Garcia says:

these people love there spices and onions

iloveTHC Widow says:


D Priya says:

a chi

Premkumar.716 Premkumar.716 says:


suraj kalgutkar says:


Andre Asiedu says:


Mansour Anonimous says:

thats a good cook welldone ladies

gulab singh says:

oh my god agar aap logo ko aase kat kar khaiya to daya ni aati ap ko

SpaNeTC says:

he put coconut shell’s in cause it’s a meat tendirizer(

Kannan Kannan says:

en da vilakkennaingala panrathellam kiramathan panra mathiri panringa kudikurathu matum kinley water ah da

Ramesh gupta says:

b f

Manoj Lala says:

c I don’t


I love all these outdoor nature style..

Ierfan 786 says:


Miguel Ambario says:

beautiful hehe

Mrigank Sonawane says:

Competition to Almazankitchen?

Maaz Ahmed Muzaffar says:

that’s not a goat, that’s a dog

Nd Hacker says:

All them spices prob ended up tasting oniony

Surender B says:

barmavath Surender

Rajbahadur Prajapati says:

raj b. p

noctanol says:

how much does this guy make, that food ain’t cheap.
on a side note, his wife is one happy camper

Guizão says:

nem porco come essa merda

El Brayan says:


Ruy Ghy says:

wap kya tasty hai

salhauddin ahmed says:

how nice!!!

mahesh pali says:


Tia Endang Maemunah says:

setiap India memasak di tempat seperti ini, yang di masak pasti daging babi…

Surender B says:

barmavath Surender

Raji Yuvaraja says:

தமிழ்நாட்டில் எந்த ஊர் நீங்கள். உங்களின் ஊர் மிகவும் அழகாக இருக்கிறது.

Premkumar.716 Premkumar.716 says:


Rıbak 1975 says:

allah istahinizi kessin

Joshua Chu says:

That’s why they smell like onions.

Shiv Sharma says:

I hate this video

Rajbahadur Prajapati says:

raj b. p

David Torres says:

what animal

Marian Kowalski says:

3:39 cobra in grass

Tia Endang Maemunah says:

ini pasti di India ikhh

Shde Alam says:

goat meat stinks but the way they cooked it . i bet it had no smell.

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