Classic Lasagna Recipe – Meat Lasagna Recipe – Best Lasagna Recipe – Simple Lasagna Recipe

Classic Lasagna Recipe – Meat Lasagna Recipe – Best Lasagna Recipe – Simple Lasagna Recipe

Here is the link to the pizza sauce recipe:

Lasagna red sauce recipe:
2 garlic cloves minced
1 onion
1 lb. ground beef
Black pepper & salt to taste
1 1/4 teaspoons of ground cumin
3x’s the recipe of pizza sauce video for red sauce (minus fresh onion)

Cheese mixture:
1 egg
24 oz. cottage cheese
2 cups mozzarella cheese + 1/2 cup sprinkled for top layer
2 long zucchinis
1 package of lasagna noodles or 12 lasagna noodles






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ገዳምነሽ አማረ says:

wow thank u i like it

Cherry Metha says:

Subbed!, Love your name!

ivan rivera says:

Could I substitute ricotta for the cottage cheese?

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Daizy Müller says:

what size lasagne cooking dish size should i use? i dont own one yet and want to finaly buy one 🙂

Shelley Hunter says:

Looks delicious!!!! Wish I could of seen a piece cut from it.

LadyLongIsland says:

A little too much onion for my taste, but the rest looks very good.


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syam miqdad says:

this food is my favorite lasagna and i like pizza

Nora Zakarian says:

How much tomatoes did you use?

6 Kids and a Husband says:

Somehow I ended up on your Channel. After watching 1 Vlog I wanted to see more so I did spent quite a while watching your Videos… just subbed … love it!

Harley Entertainment says:

wow yummy nice video ..I left subbed n liked

Victoria Johnston says:

going to try this tonight for the in laws lol hopefully it goes well yours looks the best x

Patricia Reyes says:

cottage cheese eeewww that is not a Lasagna to each his own

Rosalinda Nunez says:

how many tomatoes did you use?

kitty booboo says:

could you add sausage to the meat?

Raja Rajput says:

this was so good. thank you, and you are so so Beautifull, if you dont mind can i have your facebook? 🙂

Zoey Cordell says:

love it

geralyn timonera says:

I hope I could make a perfect lasagna today..cross finger

Roberto Pechenino says:

Lilia, I was wondering what Nationality are you. I am Mexican/Italian American . Great Video.

Spideymrw says:

I’m making this tonight. Thanks for the recipe

Cocinando con El Panameño says:

cocinado con el panameno

James Birkett says:


Terry Tipton says:

cottage cheese??? that’s where I stopped this video.

Homemade Food Recipes says:

Awesome Lilia… Mouthwatering recipe it is… 🙂 Am ur new subbie…

Slow Cooker Ideas says:

The Courgettes are such a great idea, i bet it goes well with the pasta?

Jennifer Rosee says:

Nice x

Vee Nessa says:

im so happy i found your Channel i like how its healthy i can’t wait to try your recipes for my family

ljane ljane says:

looks great, mouth watering as I speak

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You got a new subscriber!

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