Chunky Chilli Beef And Cheese Meat Pie Recipe

How to make my chilli beef and cheese meat pies. These taste amazing, they’re quiet unique. Adjust the cayenne pepper amount for your own personal taste. Give it a go!

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Pie Filling:
400g diced beef
1 chopped onion
2 cloves crushed garlic
1.5 tbs ground cumin
1 tbs cayenne pepper
½ tsp black pepper
1 cup beef stock
1 cup vegetable stock
Shredded tasty cheddar cheese

Pie Base: (can use shortcrust pastry instead)
2 cups flour
2 tbs melted butter
2/3 cup of water

Puff pastry for pie tops
Egg wash

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Psuedo Mantis says:

tasty looking pies. bottom lair looks a little soggy… but I wouldn’t turn it down.

Madeleine Stravers says:

lovely jam, jam

PuertoRico Pancito says:


australian19 says:

they look perfect

vasp99 says:

Looks great ! I’d like to see some uniquely Australian dishes too .

Noore Tautaya says:

Wow, so  great recipes. Thanks for sharing….

Azza Mazza says:

Mate you are a bloody legend! I love all your recipes man!

Marcelo Rocha says:

Great! We have to do it here, for sure! 🙂

KillaKaliGirl says:

Look so delicious! My mouth just watered yummy

jasinta Edmonds says:

lovey jam,jam

James Evans says:


just be says:

Made this and the family loved it! 

mickey08love says:

I use to live in australia and they sell this at my school and I miss this so much.. thank you for the recipe..

jeff king says:

You’ve made me homesick mate

Jerome Le says:


Richard Marsh says:

small detail, you left out the cornflour in the written ingredients in the description bar, cheers.

aateeters says:

pre-cook the base! Brilliant! That solves my biggest pot-pie problem.

Greg Silverado says:

nice lad! subbed!

youngmagicdonwand says:

Im totally diggin dis dude accent.if only food networks stars talk like this guy.gud day mate

Joakim Olsson says:

wo jag är så

Ruth Pople says:

This looks delicious

Dave Murray says:

enjoyed this pie as a kid but as we listened to this receipe intentley we did not hear what the oven temp was supposed to be for the bacon and egg pie

the6prosofgamersツ says:

I have pies a lot

iloverebeccachambers says:

I love cheese and meat!

Mitchelle Edwards says:

absolutely delicious just tried this today awesome…

logicalfilosifizer says:

the bottom pastry didnt turn out that good if you have a look when he cuts it at the end, its very doughy. ppls, go but short crust pastry.

Albert Bremner says:

What do you mean by reduce mate?

Raz Nabil says:

I drooling!!!! Wow you have a lucky wife haha

Steven Okbay says:

how many peole does this recipe serve for

Sepideh B says:

so many ingredients! 😉 

Lilly Sweet says:

i was gonna cook this pie in a oven :p grilling is not a good way to cook these :/

Donald Trump says:

Wish I had a big house with a big kitchen instead of a shitty house with a kitchen the size of a bathroom

Joakim Olsson says:

imponerad av hans a nsikte

Kathy Li says:

Lol it’s quite good

Mei Visesio says:

My favorite I love meat pie but they don’t have it here in Texas 🙁

Zainab Irfan says:


budwizeherb says:

fuck yer ,,,seriuos munchies ,,,,

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