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Chocolate Dessert Recipe details:

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ThatBoringOne says:

This would be amazing to try with macadamia instead of almonds.

котопЁс says:

Hello! I came across your channel by accident, and I must say, very impressed! Continue in the same spirit! You are the coolest channel I’ve ever seen!
Do more of these worthy video! 🙂

Shannon Riley says:

what of you’re allergic to coffee

Angelina`s Adventure says:


Fahira Amaliya says:


LocoDodo says:

Hi Ann, will it still taste good if I leave out the coffee beans? I want to make this for Christmas dinner, and the nephew and niece of my boyfriend are still young, and I don’t want to make his aunt’s life a hell for the rest of the evening 😛 (or do you think it’s not enough for them to go hyper?)

Jordan Webb says:

can you make a Barbie cake

Kian Leech says:

Are the almonds optinal

Maria Horncastle says:

what did u use to mk the crispy sponge? is it french feuillettine? ty .looks amazing

Juliana Aguinaldo says:

Hi ann reardon I want to ask in the crispy base do you temper it???(the chocolate)

Naidean Lewis says:

Why do you sift it if your just going to stir it all together.

barzah73 says:

Can I use almond meal instead of the ground almonds???

Killer Kawaii says:

One of the main reasons I love you as a YOUTUBER is because you try to respond to all the comments and wurst ions you get in your videos 🙂

Matilda Köhlström says:


Anna Abraham says:

Could I cut the cremeux recipe in half and put it on a chocolate cake base? Would it taste good?

Trey Yarran says:

Do you have to have nuts within the recipe

maria arroyo says:


Julia Yun Young Lee says:

Hi Ann!!
This is legitimately my favorite recipe out of all. All I want to say is thank you for sharing your knowledge to the rest of the world. I have been watching your videos for almost three years now, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched each one. Your kindness to the world inspired me to become a food nutritionist like you were. I applied to Korea’s most prestigious school and I was accepted to food science and biotechnology. Initially, I really did not know what I wanted to do in the future, until I fell in love with your videos. I wanted to be as creative and warm-hearted as you were, and the videos made me decide my path to the future. I know a lot of people tell you that you and your videos are amazing, but you are so much more to me: you helped me discover my dream 🙂 Once again, thank you so much. <3

Tania Peralta says:

Hello, Ms. Reardon, I love your channel and I want to try some of your recipies, but I find very hard to find mascarpone, so what could I use to substitute it? I wanted to prepare tiramisu, and also the hundred layer cake bu they need mascarpone….what do you suggest?

sindhu mars says:

hi i am unable to find the crushed crape dontel .. can that be made at home ? is it possible for u to make a video on how to make it ?

Kylie Sears says:

i wish i was as good of a baker as you! You are so awesome!!!!!

Wheatley Glados says:

can i use Rice Crispy for the crispy base?

ragesh parnami says:

what chocolate should I use for cooking in india

Rajeshwar Bandi says:

Hey Ann
Is it important to add cream of tartar?

le panda volant says:

qui est français ?????

Emily Glenn says:

wow mmm

Sophia Kim says:

I m in love with your baking and channel IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER

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