Chocolate Banana Split: Paleo Breakfast (or desert) Recipe #5

Quick and easy paleo and primal breakfast banana split recipe. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this a very tasty way to start!! Make your own chocolate sauce that can be used in SO many yummy ways! Great as breakfast or desert! Subscribe for more recipes and primal tips!

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Sheralyn Cowan says:

looks good thanks for this

Trentin Bergeron says:

Outstanding recipe! Thanks for that. I wonder how Agave would taste with cocoa powder? Or perhaps a way to use Splenda (for us diabetics) and something to make syrup…

dick pound says:


Drake Santiago says:

You are absolutely correct. You have to relish other flavors, which fall outside the spectrum of Paleo/Primal diets, sometimes. So I agree that it is okay to deviate from the diet, once in a while, so as to seek pleasure. After all, seeking pleasure, in a responsible way contributes to ones happiness. As long as such departures from the diet don’t become habitual and too frequent, I have no problem with it. Most of the top specimens in the Paleo/Crossfit world splurge on occasion.

SexyPaleoFood says:

swiggity swag

SexyPaleoFood says:

yes 🙂

SexyPaleoFood says:

I didn’t recommend splenda in the video.

Frank From Upstate NY says:

Without getting into a science lesson and mixtures…add a tiny bit of water to the Cacao/syrup mixture to speed things along “time wise”…ni ce video

Melly May says:

wow amazing cant wait to try!!! are you from australia??

Frank From Upstate NY says:

Amazing that DiGiorno has to “add their’ commercials,..on a Paleo site…unbelieveable.
I know SexyP….you’ve gotta make money too…..try for Paleo foods commercials though. Looks like a grand food to try…thanks SexyP.

Trentin Bergeron says:

Don’t worry folks, remember 85/15 – you don’t need perfection you just need a strong focus!

lilmeeper123 says:


GarouLady says:

There is a good chocolate pudding you can make with 2 ripe avocados, 1 banana,1/4cp cocoa powder, 2-4TB coconut milk, 1/2tsp vanilla ext,1-4 TB honey or maple syrup, a pinch of cinnamon&salt, Blend it up in a food processor and its delicious. I serve it with sliced bananas and coconut on top for a fake sundae. Great for the midnite chocolate cravings. Enjoy!! GarouLady from Michigan USA

Leo Jay says:

You say cashews are not a paleo nut. I have read up on multiple websites about paleo nuts and seeds and it is argued if cashews are a seed or a nut. But either way all these sources say a cashew is paleo-friendly. Why do you say it is not?

dick pound says:


Ashley Madrigal says:

what kind of berries did you use? they looked frozen?
this looks yummy!

SexyPaleoFood says:

Yeah I dont get to pick the ads, just the categories.

Drake Santiago says:

This looks amazing and indulgent. Though it is “mostly” Paleo, I can only have it once in a while if I am going to get lean and stay that way. Thanks for the recipe. It will nice when I really need to splurge a bit.

Habib Jess says:

Oh hey! Have you ever tried – Ads Crix Paleo Diet (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my BF got amazing results with it.

SexyPaleoFood says:

Try splenda dissolved in water and cocoa powder, should still work! Agave will definitely go gangbusters!

Angel says:

Ahh thanks for this, will definitely be making this soon! Looks so yummy 🙂

Danana S says:

where did you get your cacao powder from?

Tracy Raper says:

Can you use oatmeal in flour form? Thanks

SexyPaleoFood says:

of course

Donna Hirst says:

Amazing just tryed this for breakfast OMG you saved me
Thank you 🙂

Drake Santiago says:

Interestingly, this is a “mostly” Paleo breakfast a person can serve to their holier than thou vegan friends. How often can both a Paleo adherent and vegan share a plate of food!? Congratulations, for bringing peace to both sides. This is ALMOST a meal that even a militant vegan, like Durianrider, could love 😉

SexyPaleoFood says:

Cashews are toxic in their raw form and therefore not paleo at all. You actually can’t buy raw cashews, even the ones that are marked as raw are technically steamed.

elli says:

try agave instead of maple syrup its really good and around the same consistency! 🙂

SexyPaleoFood says:

Cashews are very high in phytic acid, which we did not evolve to eat in great quantities. While cashews may or may not be healthy to eat, they are not in keeping with the spirit of paleo. Sure, a little bit of phytic acid won’t noticably harm you. But nor will a little bit of gluten or dairy.

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