Chirote | Khaje | Indian Sweet Dish Recipe | Easy Homemade Indian Dessert

Learn how to make ‘Chirote’, a delectable sweet dish recipe by chef Kalpana Talpade.

This is a sweet dish made from flour and dusted with powdered sugar. It is prepared during festivals or any other significant occasions and is one of the favourite dishes amongst Maharashtrians.


1 cup maida (all purpose flour)
¼ tsp ghee .
a pinch of salt
a few drops of rose pink colour

¼ cup cornflour
1 tsp. ghee
flour for rolling
1 tsp. melted ghee


– In a cup of maida, add the ghee and salt nd mix thoroughly.
– Take out 1/3rd portion of it separately and add few drops of rose pink colour to it. Knead a dough out of it.
– Knead the leftover 2/3rd part of the flour plain.
– Take 3 portios of the kneaded dough (1 in pink and the rest in white colour)
– Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rest for about 10 – 15 minutes.

To make satha:
– In a bowl, add cornflour and ghee and mix the ingredients well so that they become soft and light.
– Make 3 parts of the satha.

To make chirote:
– Roll out the 3 kneaded dough.
– Brush the rotis with warm ghee and then spread the satha over it.
– While doing this, place the white roti at the bottom, then pink and then white.
– Then roll the same gently using hands.
– Then cut the same into small parts. Put them in the flour so that it become easy to roll.
– Then lightly roll all of them. Then fry the same on a medium flame.
– Drain out the excess ghee and lace them on a paper napkin.
– While they are still hot,sprinkle the powdered sugar over the chirote.
– The delicious, mildly sweet and crunchy chirote are ready to be served.

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Jainav Sanghvi says:

to fry the chirote what is used oil or ghee?please let me know as I am in the process of preparing it

Harshada Pilivkar says:

yummy nice

Priyanka Shetty says:

i tired ur receipe every one liked it very much than u

Sunny Khan says:

wot if I dip em in sugar syrup like we do to make Jamuns?

abigail potom says:

love to prepare soon

Sanjay Mankar says:

mast recipe ….1 number


nice & yummy

sharni devarajoo says:

original sood, Indians like u are a disgrace to all Indian around the world because all of us should emphasise on HYGIENE. especially if you are on u tube and represent the Indian community. Never ever cook with long finger nails, nail polish band rings and bangles. Also house, kitchen stove n utensils must always always be super duper clean n hygienic. we should eat healthy n live healthy too. n look pretty n presentable. up the Indian standards.



Rucon Md says:


Rayyan Akthar says:

fine fine

sharni devarajoo says:

I meant the below message to priyanka sood n all Indians.

Priyanka Palkari says:

love this recipe thanks mam

Олеся Бондаренко says:

Напишите, пожалуйста по русски.Очень хочется сделать!

Priyam Fonseca says:

it’s so yummyyyyyyyyyyy

shilpa patil says:

chirote..try kele tumhi dhakhavlya pramane….mast jhalet. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Kalpita Mankame says:

thank u so much for this recipe
I tried it
I want to show u picture of it
R u on fb ?

Safiya Ranzrez says:


2766rod says:

that frying pan was really disgusting, it needs chaining to a new one because it is complete burnt from frying over years and years.

bharti bhatkar says:

what should be use to fry chirote, oil or ghee?

Savitri Jadhav says:

chan recipe

Tezu kudapu says:

its so easy to make & iam gonna try my first recipe,thanks for making it easier..

Bhale Bhale Taste says:

hi i subs your channel pls subs mine too

City Circles says:

Bilkul devi devtaon ke blessings jaisa sweet…

aarti katyara says:

nice concept n cooking 🙂

Mamta Dhyani says:

very nice

Ujwal NAGWEKAR says:

Its looking nice and easy.


It looks so crispy mam, I wanna give it a try.

Gubu Kuch says:

Fix the camera at a right position recipe is good but camera was really annoying

Sa B says:

masha allah very beautiful khaja
thank you

Sri Ganesh says:

Please upload how to make instant beaten coffee please thank you

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