Cassoulet – French White Bean & Meat Gratin – Cassoulet de Toulouse Recipe

Learn how to make Cassoulet! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this French White Bean & Meat Gratin recipe!


Caprisha Page says:


Cheryl Johnson says:

looking for a substitute sausage. Italian garlic perhaps? do you have a recipe to make your own Toulouse sausage. that would be interesting. in regards to the beans, for a more common type, any suggestions?


Most amazing thing I’ve seen you make.

gottfer says:

as a french i can say, your cassoulet looks right 🙂
I bet it was delicious and i hope you make it for your familly to enjoy it as well by a cold sunday when all the familly members are assembled 😀

Nico Stormchild says:

interesting take on the Cassoulet. I need to try your version sir. Usually, it’s a lot more rustic hehe. 🙂

Lauro Andrea says:

This is almost hypnotic to watch…

Amanda Manning says:

When I leave beans to soak overnight do they need to be soaked in the fridge or can they be left on the counter?

Jeff LaRochelle says:

Will definitely try this….I’ve got nothing Toulouse! 😉

Brandon Tran says:

This guys voice puts my soul at ease.

1964TP says:

You really encouraged us to use Toulouse sausage.   This as available NO PLACE.  This would great for you to show a demonstration on making sausage.   A great Toulouse sausage with garlic and wine would be a great sausage to make.  Everyone has a Kitchen Aid, and they have the sausage making gadgets.  I would love this idea.

Jon B says:

There is also a variation of this recipe called Croziflette. You just switch out the potatoes for a special type of pasta called crozet.

- Lime - says:

As a French I love how accurate your French recipes are! Even French youtubers won’t give such traditionnal recipes, love it! 😀

greenrolaids says:

if your videos were holodeckable.. id fuck them.

Gunter V says:

Very similar to feijoada popular in Brasil

kush says:

holy Trinity hahah

Brandon Tran says:

This guys voice puts my soul at ease.

rneustel says:

Wow, I want to get out of bed (at 0100) and make this.

Sweetbutterflykripperino says:


Marty Fontaine says:

Chef John ,, I do like everything that you cook ,,,, but for that Cassoulet you were not even 10 % close to the real dish mate ,,,,,,,,,, takes a week end to cook a real French Cassoulet !!!!! sorry

Marcel.M says:

God this looks tasty. Chef John is amazing!

Kay Farquar says:

Tempting, but where do I get duck legs confit and sausage toulousain? Chef John, you’re just showing off, right?

Tung Nguyen Xuan says:

ooh so that’s the cheese cloth… over here we used to use them for diapers

StOOk 8 says:

That’s not the real cassoulet’s recipe but why not! It looks good. I’ll try one day 🙂

Patrick Van Der Ploeg says:

I will most likely never make this. Eventhough there is no doubt in my mind I would like it.

TheTomBevis says:

That makes my beef & bean recipe look like trailer-trash cooking. (which it is, lol)

The Jazz Monastery says:

a couple questions please. if I can’t find the specified sausages, what’s a close sub? Brats? also, is canned duck confit acceptable or any good? I found a shrink wrapped portion that was ok. Or is duck confit actually easy to make? Thanks,….

Pablo Parra says:


sara davenport says:

“We’re finally still not even close” lmbo!!!! Love your vids and humor Chef John!

kjdfhgkljdh says:

This dude has the weirdest intonation on his voice. Every sentence sounds like it ends with a comma instead of a period.

if66was99 says:

“The Holy Trinity of animal fats.” You are a God to me chef! :p

Mary Therese McCool says:

Looks amazing.

keithmaxdesign says:

“Give it the ol’ poke-a poke-a”! 😉

CFCninja says:

Looks tasty but unfortunately im Muslim and beans give me horrible gas

satunbreeze says:

Ohh my gosh that looks soooo gooooooood

Russell Bushnell says:

why is there so much inflection in your voice chef john?

Erik Wijngaard says:

Your take ???? Who are you In yer own mind yere an imbecile . yer cunt die off american.

Shawn Donovan says:

I’ve found that this dish needs to be very moist to be really delicious. If it gets too dry, add much more cooking liquid. Done right, it’s a delicious recipe. I love your videos Chef John!!!!

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