Buddocks – Home Style Meat Buns Recipe

Buddocks are a home style meat bun made with a basic bread dough, stuffed with ground beef or pork, cabbage and onions. You can actually put whatever you got in them and experiment. I got this recipe from Jo’s family recipe book. If you know where the name ‘buddocks’ came from, please let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

Link to full recipe: http://www.theaimlesscook.com/buddocks-home-style-meat-buns-recipe/

Music: “I Dunno” by grapes (www.dig.ccmixter.org)

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Gemma Reyna says:

I want lechon paksiw and bacon and cheese inside the bun!

glazese says:

I have been making these for the last 3 years ans filling them with minced curried beef

Jay del Corro says:

I love your commenting.

tjz24 says:

Do you mean Bierocks?? Made the same way.

atika k says:

Buddocks sono uno stile di casa panino di carne fatto con una pasta di pane di base, con ripieno di carne macinata di manzo o di maiale, cavolo e cipolle. Si può effettivamente mettere quello che hai in loro e sperimentare. Ho avuto questa ricetta da famiglia ricettario di Jo. Se sapete dove è venuto il nome di ” dal buddocks, per favore fatemelo sapere.

I panini:

Lievito aumento rapido 1T
½ t sale
2 tazze di acqua calda
½ tazza di zucchero
2 uova sbattute
½ tazza di burro fuso
7 tazze di farina
Inizia con l’acqua tiepida in una ciotola e aggiungete lo zucchero. Mescolare brevemente, quindi aggiungere il lievito aumento rapido. Mescolate e lasciate riposare per circa 15 minuti, mentre il lievito attiva.

Aggiungere il sale, le uova, il burro e la farina. Combina fino al liscio e lasciare riposare per 1 ora a salire. Ora cominciamo il nostro riempimento.

Il ripieno rotolo cavolo:

300g crauti, sciacquati e tritati
½ kg ciascuno di carne macinata di manzo e di maiale, unito
1 cipolla grande, tagliata a dadini
1 grande pomodoro a dadini
S & P
In questa ricetta, sto usando crauti. Ho avuto questa idea dal video Involtini di cavolo nel 2010. Si aggiunge un sacco di sapore al ripieno. Assicurarsi prima di usarlo per sciacquare bene in acqua fredda per liberarsi della salamoia in eccesso. Dopo di che, sminuzzare il cavolo e mettere da parte.

In una grande padella o wok, rosolare la carne macinata fino a quando non comincia a cambiare colore poi aggiungere la cipolla. Fate cuocere per un paio di minuti più, condire con sale e pepe, quindi aggiungere il cavolo e pomodoro. Mescolare bene per combinare, coprire e cuocere a medio appassire il cavolo e abbattere i pomodori. Quando il ripieno è fatto, dargli un sapore finale e la stagione di nuovo. Togliere dal fuoco, mettere da parte e lasciare raffreddare.

A questo punto, il impasto sarà almeno due volte la sua dimensione. Tagliare a 2 e ruotare la pasta in una sfoglia di circa lo spessore di un bastoncino. Tagliateli in quadrati palmari e preparatevi a montare.

Mettete un quadrato di pasta nel palmo della mano e scoop in qualche ripieno al centro della piazza. Piegare gli angoli verso il centro e pizzicare i bordi per sigillare. Piegare nei restanti angoli e torsione. Una volta che si ottiene qualche decina di questi fatti.
Google Translate לעסקים:כלי תרגוםמתרגם אתרמאתר השווקים הגלובלי

Lauren Conforti says:

Your beef & cabbage sounds awesome! My husband was on a kick of barbeque chicken hot pockets… I think I’ll try these on him instead… with the BBQ chicken filling! You make it look so easy! lol

David Barnhart says:

I thought it was called beer rocks

Angelica Gonzalez says:

Sorry, I misunderstand, You did talking about buttermilk, right?

Cheryl Court says:

I think you somehow got the name wrong, I grew up in Saskatchewan eating these and now make them too, they are  called Bierock, and actually when they are pronounced  with a german accent may sound like that. Mine have fried bacon pieces in there, this is an old family recipe. 

Greg Krause says:

I’d put Gyro fixings in one of those in a heartbeat.

Vincent De La Cruz says:

Do you need the butter?

John Dough says:

Jay, Is there a dipping sauce that goes with these or do they even need one?

Karstan Wiebe says:

I went online to search for a recipe my auntie and my mom used to make. They called it “Ducks” Was i ever surprised to find out that your girlfriend is from Sask, where I have lived my whole life! lol. Anyways…this is very close to what I was looking for. I know my Aunt and mom would make the “Ducks” with ground beef and sauerkraut. I wasnt sure what else they added. But they are soooo good when dipped in honey mustard! Mmmm thank you for this variation, I am definitely going to try it.

Jake Solon says:

very good!

texichan says:

i think i would go with shredded chicken, salsa verde, and some monterey jack or queso blanco, nom nom nom.

MiFFiL says:

I’m going to be doing some tomorrow with shepherds pie I think.

Jay del Corro says:

There’s no milk in this recipe. ?

Joplin Rocks says:

@MrJingjong I’m also in search of a good dough base for chinese buns (to bake and steam). With all the many recipes out there, I just don’t know which ones the best unless you give them all a try.

Jay del Corro says:

So you definitely know what a ‘bunny hug’ is. lol. Thanks for watching!

Jay del Corro says:

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

lourdes alaban says:

Sir,do you know how to make spanish bread? can u give me exact recipe and measurement?tnx

Cza Rina says:

I would put Filipino Torta. :9

Jay del Corro says:


Xavier Triggs says:

I wonder could you add cheese to the filling

amer0701 says:

sliced/diced apples, with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins. Maybe strawberries, raspberries blueberries with a little bit of lime juice (vanilla)sugar and ground star anise…


Joplin Rocks says:

@MrJingjong Yeah that delicate yeast thingy is soo sensitive. I’ve made brioche (our famous ensaymadas to be exact), sticky buns which were a few of my first breadmaking experience. Just made baguettes and steamed buns (like the ones stuffed w/ pork belly). Aside from the fact that you wanna eat what you made, is…the accomplishment that I get when they turn out a success. Sometimes I make them coz I dont wanna have a loong interval when i make them again coz it’s like being back to square 1.

Joplin Rocks says:

hello kuya, they are like baked char siu buns (well of course minus the char siu filling).never heard of Buddocks. they look so light. don’t they really require being brushed with egg wash so they have that nice golden brown sheen on top? i will try to make them if i get motivated. I always get kind of a little intimidated with yeast-based breads. either way those look amazing.

Annie ouhh says:

I made chicken in white sauce with parmejaan herbs .. mmm so good .. thnx for ur technique about toooi g the dough n cutting n filling soooo easy to get it done now .. xxx

Diamond Ray says:

i would make a phillie cheese steak type and tha pizza one.

Jay del Corro says:

@sillyangel1122 Next time, I would brush them with the egg wash. I like the sheen too! I used to be intimidated as well, but once you understand it, it’s not that hard to tackle. Bread dough needs yeast to rise. Yeast is a living thing that needs food. That food is sugar. That’s why you use warm water & sugar. Warm water cuz it gives the yeast a warm place to start working on the sugar. Once it’s activated, mix the dough & as the yeast continues to work, it expands & makes the dough rise.

Rachael Fowler says:

Hey! just a little tip from baker to baker, id go check out sourdoughs international for some bada** sourdough starter. i got the san francisco and OMG way good, came out great.
Happy baking!

Dan Hanycz says:

The link to recipe doesn’t work. Is the recipe available elsewhere? Thanks!

darbreter says:

I’ve never heard of buddocks but they look exactly like bierocks which are pretty popular here in central California.

Nutty Tart says:

I really like the music in this video, combined with you voice and the cooking… great video, I’m a fan! 🙂

Angelica Gonzalez says:

How much butter did you use in milk?

Jay del Corro says:

Thank you thank you for the support!

dana lafrance says:

dude i love your cooking

Planet Moon says:

Chicken pot pie filling

michael inocencio says:

 can u try chicken asado. 

Song Bird says:

This sounds wonderful after I stuff these buns with my recipe for meat pie, I am going to stuff with my chicken breast recipe which includes spinach and feta cheese. I think it will be very good 🙂

UnderwoodSpread says:

Thanks for the recipe! This looks wonderful.

Karstan Wiebe says:

lol yes! And a “toque” which we definitely need here in Sk right now lol.

Barbara Osbourne says:

I fill wuth saute onion and prefried bacon…..

trustcia cogdell says:

I tasted this before but it had beans in it and it was delicious.

Annie ouhh says:

I made chicken in white sauce with parmejaan herbs .. mmm so good .. thnx for ur technique about toooi g the dough n cutting n filling soooo easy to get it done now .. xxx

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