Bone Marrow Recipe | New Years Appetizer – BIG MEAT SUNDAY

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Brian Waldron says:


Mel Barrera says:

i like mine on top off plain steam jasmine rice with a side of kimchi

Reuben Sprouse says:

That looks absolutely delicious. I must try this. Thanks for the recipe @bigmeatsunday

Paivi Project says:

Hello there. That appetizer looked amazing. I love bone marrow !  🙂

Fire launcher 01 says:

Is bone marrow good ??????????

Kyle Chernewski says:

omg look at the huge fkn cutting board

Krysshonda Williams says:

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Twoclaw says:

Tasty? Sure is… but not that healthy. High on cholesterol.

Kitty Harvey says:

this is a aquire tast, we were raised with this delicacy, I go to the farm, butcher. I find it is more human for the animals.

tyronebiggums3 says:

Have you tried soaking the bones in salt water to draw excess blood out?
It’s a pretty standard technique.

Raina Baecere says:

This is what I’ve been craving for years! Had it in many a fine restaurant. Now I know how to make it myself. Never knew it was so darn easy!

Cha Boi says:

Is this dude just wasted for every video?

Ancient Melanin says:

yup very good

Angelo Chon says:

Where do you buy these bones?

Spera Kochy says:

This smoked grilled bone marrow sounds very delicious, and is probably very taste, but it is artery clogging animal fat. I am not a vegetarian. I suppose it is not too bad if you enjoy this taste delight once a while and not very often. Heart care

LiqCharles says:

great.. now I HAVE to try this. I am one step closer to a heart attack lol

A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman says:

“european or french”

Mack Attack Films says:

wow this looks so mouth watering bout to try this.

HallOfFantasy says:

That looks good and I’ve put it on my list as something to try.

john corner says:

that looks so delicious

onenonlyvieTz says:

never tried bone marrow before but oh man you make it look so yummy hah

gardini100 says:

this kind of food is so easy to forgett ..thanks for sharing …and now i understand why dogs are crazy about bones they just know there is something good inside them 🙂

dotypixie says:

I’m literally salivating. Last time I had some bone marrow was about 15 years ago, however, mum used to cook it in a soup (soup made of meat and bones), then we would dig it out from the bone and put pinch of salt on it. It was the cherry on the cake for us.

Arshiya Ansari says:

I bought bone marrow yesterday …was searching for a perfect recipe and found you …love your recipe ..I am gonna make it today !!!

Sok Yun says:

dig it!! your channel the sheiit bro

prw139 says:

Looks awesome!

Jennifer Hong says:

Hes so awkward

ammohead73 says:

I grew up in a little town called Marrowbone Ky,google it but don’t blink or you will miss it LOL…I always love bone marrow,yummmAA!!! Big thumbs up from a Marrowbonian 🙂

TheCardinal365 says:

yes, nectar of the gods would describe it perfectly 🙂

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