Better-Than-Pizza-Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza Recipe

Want to make a manly meat-lover’s pizza the traditional Italian way? Check out the episode for a simple but delicious recipe for this classic people pleaser. Subscribe for more great Dude Food:

Jeff Michand and Brad Spence put together the perfect meat-lover’s pizza for a game day, dinner party, or just for yourself. As Brad says, he he even loves it cold the next day. Jeff and Brad give you step-by-step instructions that make this pizza recipe easy to follow. Say goodbye to frozen pizzas and say hello to a hearty homemade traditional Italian recipe!

In each episode of Dude Food, we share tips and recipes for manly, mouthwatering foods from burgers to barbecue chicken to a salad a dude would be proud to serve his buddies. Subscribe to see a new episode every Tuesday!


Josh Ribeiro says:

dude, red solo cups are better than pizza.

Utani says:

no bacon?!

Yannis Patras says:

It’s garlic, ofc fucking ofc all of it…!

AlexSchus says:

Almost took a bite out of my laptop!!! Looks delish, going to try that!

Aaron Lumakang says:

Can you just use spaghetti sauce

SavvySteak says:

best foods take time….Forget you guys, imma make it fool!.

dfectus says:

The biggest Bromance on youtube.

DonPepinoSauces says:

Yum!! Looks delicious! Great video!

Sofia Colina says:

I can almost smell it!
But that’s probably because I’m eating pizza while watching this xD

Walkerbait610 says:

WTF?? why would you use your BARE hands to stir the sauce?? That’s disgusting, are there no spoons in the kitchen?

Homonym Antonym says:

Fuckers made me hungry, lol.

El Nor says:

my name is jeff

Parker Willis says:

Is there a place where I can find the measurements for the dough? This is great, but I just don’t wanna fuck it up when I make it.

͡ says:

i don’t know about you but I always watch food videos when i’m hungry.

Chen D says:


WhaleDzn says:

nice guys! i’ll be sure to try this out one day 😀

TPQ1980 says:

Yeah, who doesn’t love anuses, lips and foreskins on their pizza…

faceious2006 says:

What a couple of tools. That is way too many carbs. Fat asses.

Taylor Reckab says:

in saudi arabia its a normal thing if u put hot dogs on a pizza

Ira T says:

We’re making this right now. Following the recipe to a T, let you know how it turns out. On a side note, punching the shit out of the dough works well if you don’t have a dough hook on your mixer.

Ira T says:

Was able to cut the dough in two, and split it between 2 rectangular pans.
Used a brush to brush on the olive oil onto the pan, and used it for spreading the sauce(with added roasted red peppers for a nice touch).
Mushrooms were also added, and regular bacon with most of the fat cut off.
Thanks guys!!!

Jeremy Pearce says:

How about a recipe with measurements?

Asia Brown says:


Good-Stuff says:

It’ll take 8 months if you want that meat they had.

Galactic123 says:

I just took a bite out of my flat screen TV and it was better than Pizza Hut…

Critical Eats Japan says:


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