Best Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe

Bro Science #36: How to win Thanksgiving.

Get your wheyt up:

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GuitarCoverist says:

Did anyone make these and can tell us what they taste like?

Nebur Nunes says:

“30 minutes to half an hour”

Locrian says:

“Personally I don’t trust Almond milk. Everyone knows milk doesn’t come from nuts, it comes from titties”

Back X Stab says:

Haha we all know milk doesnt come from nuts, they come on tits

Joe Figueroa says:

What’s up with the glory hole in the wall?

Aaron Midwest says:

is that a glory hole in the kitchen behind him lmfao

OfficialSaint97 says:

mix protein and some peanut butter (optional) with ice cream when you make a milkshake. it’s really good, depending if you use 100% protein but 75% has some better taste

Erika Steve says:

dude, thanks for the Sunday ab workout, I laughed my ass off.

Keiji Maeda says:

Can we get the recipe?

David Oz says:

lol eating seed is for birds and bitches, and I ain’t neither of em. lmao

luci cazac says:

i am really courios to know what taste do those have :))


We’ve got a new Masterchef.

Mojo Jim says:

Is that red, human-shaped thing like a vodoo knife holder?

Brandon Gaedke says:

“Eatin seeds is for birds and bitches” lol

Anthony Mcqueen says:

who’s making this exact dessert recipe today ???

Myfirst Name says:

“Ladies” killed me!

luca de vecchis says:

im a man…i dont look for things…i make things

william hugh says:

Dom definitely do more cooking videos

Tempestuous Goth of industry and the MULTIVERSE! says:

What about protein pudding as a dessert (which sounds a little like cum) tbh

Kaiba King Of Game says:

Guys I can’t eat with other idk why. Like today in class we having a thanksgiving meal and I feel like everyone’s watching me. Or maybe judging me I’m just to scare of them. Like eating with my family ok but when it come to people idk I can’t do it. It must be fear right? I feel like I can’t get a hold of myself I’m shaking all the time.

AcidRoses says:

why is there gunshot hole on the wall LOL

lyco mania says:

Jesus, “I split my gooch” How can anybody recover from that

2016's New Star Player says:

I hate to say it, but the part about dissing Natives was hilarious. I live right near a reservation and a lot of them are pricks who have everything handed to them for shit that happened to *some of their ancestors hundreds of years ago. One of my best pals is native though.

clubbing baby seals says:

muscle milk contains no milk lol

Juan Mejia gomez says:

You’re not a bird? How do you justify those chicken legs then?

Kris Soiketsu says:

Still better than chicken breast

Neal Sjaaheim says:

the uneven hardware on the cabinets above the fridge really bother me.

c 1 says:

how can any body hate his videos its comedy gold better then a stand up

Rollie says:


Nicolas de Diego says:

why tf is there a glory hole in ur wall

Mojo Jim says:

I’m pretty sure I fucked a hooker in Prague named Stevia.

zafrhi says:

also, first

Denise Wing says:

Dom, you should write and release your own recipeh book!!

joe k says:

“protein bar jager reduction”

Steven Evenson says: ! 30LB bag of BEAST JERKEY

Pauls Asaris says:

meyrh name is Stevia, I here to suck your dick! I can’t srop loughing 😀

Preston Schock says:

Dom is like Captain Hero from Drawn together without super powers

Adam Nir says:

Takes bite

*Immediately breaks character.*

Gottheit31 says:

Funniest Video Dom 😀 haha

Rob Witt says:

I wonder what street fighter move he was doing to bust a hole in the wall lol

Riley Bell says:

is it weird I started working because these videos and lost 27 lbs

Yaematic says:

Held it together until “ma name is Stevia, I come to suck your dick” xD

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