Is it possible to catch trout fish using only your hands? Yes, it is! In our new video we will show you how we catch our fish and how to cook it on coals, using corn husks.


trout fish
2-3 corns
olive oil

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Hidenshinzou says:

you murderer 🙁

BigWater59 says:

You have great cooking skills. Are you a chef in a restaurant?

A Serious Salamander says:

I’m in Canada, but I will cross the fucking arctic if you will make this for me 🙂

agentofchaos1 says:

Gollum! Gollum!

Killectro Newday says:

Love all of your videos, they’re very relaxing to watch!

Beau A says:

Literally hand caught trout….. my god how can i shop in a supermarket again

Jennifer Mathews says:

man. I’m allergic to trees and grass but I’d marry you and live in the forest/jungle on some Tarzan and Jane shit if you’d just cook all of this deliciousness for me.

Charles Ism says:

where is this place? East Europe? or Russia?

Mr Red says:

thank you man I love u

Princess Diane Estanislao says:

oh myyyy goood you have it all!!!!

vidyuth arni says:

Simply majestic for any food U-tube episode. Cheers AK.. Keep it going…

Bane Miljković says:


Shamat Wateen says:

you know i like what you it

Karsten Lindstrom says:

Where I live, the fish aren’t autistic. They swim away when people get close, not stand and wait to be grabbed.

Mae Miller says:

I am now dying for trout… just wonderful. Thank You

Keri Xianne says:

Where in the world are you ? It’s beautiful

Christian Allen says:

I dot know if it’s because I’m Jamaican, but you need more seasoning. I like your technique though

troya915 says:


R Ryan says:

Just stumbled across your videos and I must say they are Outstanding!! Question as far as your cooking goes you definitely have great skills and knowledge as a chef, the oil that you use is it veg oil only or do you use olive oil as well? Keep up the awesome videos.

Vagelis Velianitis says:

did you know rooms there in many thanks from Greece everything is wonderful

Muhammad Hussain says:

Hi There. I enjoy watching your coockery programmes. Could you plz tell me where do you? Your place is awesome man….

Kartika Indri says:

is this riverrun? the trout must be a tully. family duty honour

Desphexian says:

Soo beautiful out there… 🙂

Внук дедов says:

В что за места где такая красота?

Chad T says:

Can I please come live with you?

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