Beef Stew Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 318

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Rizza says:

In two in a half hours I’m a free man and my wife is a happy woman!

Nicholas Giordano says:

I love beef stew so hardy & comfort food will try this recipe p.s. what is the name of the song playing at the beginning & end?

Michael Welch says:


Nadia Uddin says:


Joy Tosado says:

Looks fabulous! I am going to give this baby a try. Thank you!

cashmny78 says:

She was doing a great job all the way through, but then she blows it at the end.

Rear Wheel Drive says:

given it a go, no wine in mine, but it smells gorgeous

Case White says:

She looks hella intense at 6:19 like she will stab me with a knife

Vietwarrior Nguyen says:

I canot to fine many ingredants this video I am live Vietnam but I preffer use dog meat becase other meat is much exspenseve

Wendy Walker says:

The cooking time was way too long for the vegetables they turned out soggy.  I thought that before I started but went with it and regretted it.  They should have been added later.

jared baker says:

thank you for the recipe. one thing, it’s not just women who cook for the household 😉 I love cooking and like seeing others different take on recipes.. it turned out really tasty… keep up the good work…

Job Job says:

Thank you!

Celina Adaza says:

You’re awesome make it look so easy!

lean julius bendanillo says:

for the meat who didn’t want to be part of that party … on the trash you go!!! hahahahhahaha

eliteskydiver rx says:

I tried this it was amazing

chasethemau5 says:

Put in your urrrbs

richard richard says:

Laura, I learn something new when I watch you cook. Your recipes are great. Ty for making them and helping people cook better. 🙂

Casper sanderson says:

instructions too unclear i ended up with my neighboor tied up in the closet with scolding soup all over her

Lily G says:

You are the best

Omar Quintero says:

Your a free woman, cuz in her culture only women are allowed to cook….

christian crawford says:

wow when i first watched her videos a years ago. she just got like 10k subscriber now 2mil wow

Diana Pervaiz says:

Do you have a recipe for a roast with brown mushroom gravy?

John Muteti says:

Just added vodka instead of red wine

Julia Perry says:

The potatoes get mushy after freezing so we eat the leftovers for lunches over a few days instead. My hubby loves it and thanks!!! God bless.

Teresinha Sousa says:

Your recipes are wonderful and easy to make, congratulations .

nigel egan says:

Would u not recommend coating the beef in flower instead of the veg?

mateo mateo says:

I’m a free man:).lol
Thanks, that was awesome …

Omar Quintero says:

Armenian, almost sure of it….

Omar Quintero says:

Middle Eastern, but from where?

Tracy Julien says:

wow! this is what we call soup! stew is completely different..


Lawren Haggerty says:

Used this recipe for my steak pie for Christmas Dinner! Fed 10 people with it, they absolutely loved it! It was incredible, thank you so much laura! <3

Susan Branyas says:

Nice recipe! If you add a dash of red wine vinegar just before you turn the stew off, and give it a quick stir for a minute or so, it really makes the stew POP! Try it!

Nikoo Ordodary says:

Thank you!!! Love ur cooking…I learned majority of my cooking from u!

Aimz H says:

Im totally gonna make this tomorrow 🙂 thanks sweet heart

Kale Girl says:

when i make stew, i just put meat and veggies in. use fresh tomatoes and cilatro as seasoning. no salt or wine or broth. 😛 more of a soup. hehe.

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