Beef Steak (Bistek)- Easy Recipe BenjiManTV

Beef Steak (Bistek)- Easy Recipe BenjiManTV

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Beef Steak is a Easy Quick Filipino Recipe that you can enjoy for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

1 lb Bottom Round Steak- Thinly Sliced and Tenderized
1 Onion- Sliced thin and Red preferred
5-7 Tbl Spns Lemon Juice
1/4 Cup Water
1/4 Cup Soy Sauce
Black Pepper

1. Sliced Meat thin and tenderize
2. Put all ingredients except onions into a bowl and marinate for 2-3 hours
3. Heat Pan up to Medium High Heat and oil your pan
4. Cook boths sides of the meat, should only take 1-2 minutes each side
5. Put onions into the pan and turn off heat, cover and let sit till onions are soft
Optional- place onions into pan, leave heat on for about a minute while stirring and then turn off heat.

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aijel1028 says:

I actually put the marinade in together with the beef after the it was fried for a few minutes and then let it simmer then put in the onions on top, cover and let it simmer for 3-5mins and its done! 😀

Jenny Billorome says:

Dude we don’t want to see your fat ugly mom, get rid of her

Shay Blanch says:

Am making this today for my hubby… Thanks

Mauricio rivas rivas says:

you do not know how to cook a beef steak, you just need a little garlic, and in the pan bitch just need a little oil … and it was the old wea … and this whole guatona… terrible fome la wea de video

Sophia Tisbe says:

how about kare kare or Menudo…

samatar mahamud says:

woooow its very nice i like it thank you

tootsie|troll® says:

mom’s too skinny

Jeff Cue says:

Did just your mom say “and thats the penis product”.? @2:22

KaLeCaKa BeNa Chorus says:

It is actually really good in tortillas… a little cock sauce on top…nummy num num num 🙂

Jack Jacinto says:

Love it

Good morning with Susan Bundick says:

I want to see your mom cook a lot more I want to know what you used to have waiting for you for breakfast when you woke up as a kid

HacksForDads says:

You are Filipino???? yey! (i thought only Judy was Filipino) that just gives me so much satisfaction, I don’t know why. hahah. I just love watching pinoys on youtube. 🙂 Thanks! I actually am gonna try cooking this following you and your mom’s recipe. Love the bloopers!

Jessica Alas says:

Made this it’s so good and easy


you guys are so cute. thank you for sharing. =] I’m doing the recipe right now for dinner, looks good.

jancy escaro says:


Jennethsarv Sarvajenn says:

tat’s why your mom looks so healthy, by the way thanks for sharing. i’l try to cook that especially this is muslim country maraming karneng baka dito.

dody es says:


M's Documentary says:

did anyone try that yet?

Pj Liau says:

How many ml for the 1/4 soy sauce and water?

harper mich says:

for how hours until the beef should cook?

Oanh Nguyen says:

hs mom not looks healthy,he is

Alice Percentie says:

look good

The Girls' Studio says:

Did anyone notice Judy in the back ground at 2:24?

Vipin Gopal says:

so no salt!!

Charlene NoLastName says:

I saw this video a looong time ago coz I guess I was looking to make some Filipino food and stumbled onto this. .I didn’t know it’s Judy’s husband! I actually just started following Judyslife like 2 months ago.

First Last says:

Wow Mama has already lost a lot of weight if you watch the recent vlogs now.

Darneal James says:

Make pinakbet

Karen Freire says:


Epic Stories says:

You have a great mum.May God bless you all.

tancia francis says:

too much oil but am going to try it

Mireah Sanchez says:

he’s really handsome. subscribing.

jadou88 says:

Nice looking family good food
I am going to subscribe hahaha
Love Luck & Respect from Lebanon

Chef Lery Poblete says:

Love it Mr. Benji.. Bistek is one of my favorite Pinoy food. Kahit na anong bistek, kahit na beef, pork bangus.. basta nasamahan ng pinaghalong lemon at soy sauce OMG langit na ang kasunod non :))

ivan medina says:

Why am I watching videos on how to cook Philipino food when my neighbors are Philipino I can just ask them lol

pretty crayze says:

Here in pi..we use calamanci instead of lemon..and white onions..we cook onions first then set aside..we put it as toppings..its better when it has more soy sauce as sabaw sa rice.. Anyways, i love your version..hi mama i love you!!

kiraly David says:

Too much oil! Don’t know about the taste but for people go to gym like me wouldn’t eat it everyweek.

Yasaan Saaqib says:

may Allah bless you n your mom…u guys r very sweet

Willy Wijaya says:

what the song name at the end?

December 05 says:

This is what i want.

Jean Kanlaya says:

I love how benjie said his mom instead of saying my mother inlaw;):) love your family!

The Bane of My Existence says:

He said “Sus” at the end.

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