Beef Satay Recipe – Thai-Style Grilled Beef Skewers

Learn how to make a Beef Satay Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Thai-Style Grilled Beef Skewers recipe!

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Hada Foxer says:

Wow great thanks for sharing …

marlo thomas says:

How would wooden skurs work gotta try this

Steve Brown says:

My local Thai restaurant serves this as a main dish also. Excellent!

Tay TYLERIENMAM Station says:

Can you made one with a pork that called Mu yang.

audubon crosby says:

A thai would never, never ever use a peanut dipping sauce for beef, how do I know I have lived in Thailand for 39 years

Tomáš Novosad says:

Sir, you have my upmost respect. You always cook with such a joy! Recipe description is always made step by step with explanation what which technique actually does and you never fail to bring up some jokes. I hope someday I’ll be able to cook at least 10th of those incredible recipes you show us! Greetings from Czech Republic and Hungary!

Deepanjan Mandal says:

Man, I love your videos. The Simpsons joke made me smile.

Brandy History says:

I can tell that crushed garlic from a mile away, it’s most likely from trader joes

Sneatz. says:


Slender sheep says:

Holy food! I’m asian and I think satay is delicious!

Vinsensius Paskahindra says:

Yang enak itu sate indonesia

Nude Jawn says:

God damn, that marinade looks killer.

Concepcion Manfredi says:

me cabrea porque no lo entiendo

Andy Gosh says:

“The Salt and the Funk” Starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Julian Uloi says:

You sound like you are from Sesame Street. Good video by the way

Abdelhak Chaker says:

I feel bad for vegetarians

Wills Pram says:

In Thailand we use pork instead of beef, but satay is actually from Malaysia. That’s where you get the best satay.

Isaac Francis L says:

What a simple and great recipe.

MadMadMandy says:

Ugh – I was saying ” ’round the outside” out loud and it wasn’t there :'(

Wills Pram says:

For Thai style satay, you have to add in coconut milk.

Frank Grimes says:

This guy puts emphasis on words or wrong syllables that do not need emphasis It is miserable to listen to him describe the recipes.

Art Hall says:

Tried this last night along with the corn pudding recipe, but with an oddball variation that turned out wonderful. We got a late start, and after the marinating time, it got cold and dark outside so we decided not to fire up the grill. So we did the little meat strips in a sauce pan. The idea was to put each individual strip on a little bamboo skewer and finish them over one of those little hibachi grills like comes in the middle of a pu-pu platter. But since there was that good “stuff” left in the pan, we made gravy to dip the skewers into. Came out amazing.

We'll bang okay? says:

Don’t say fabulous again please I really really hate that word

csufjeff says:

Very Nice..People need to know the square skewers work better than round bamboo. The meat rolls..but you know that. Thanks for the video…Cheers

Charlie F. says:

what song is that?

Greg Moore says:

Where can I buy skurs?

gwloo says:

can you use skirt steak for this?

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