Village food factory


arafat baunto says:

I thought this hindu worship and pray to this fuckin Cow. I have Cow in my place, do you worship it?

Somnath Ghosh says:

shame on you

Mariana Anni says:

cow can’t be God guys…..don’t fight lol

Nd Hacker says:

Nasty ass niggas

dinesh padhy says:

to aur tere beta dono ko nanga karke marunga buddha…..

القيسي كيمرز //AlQiSsI gAmErZ says:

منور الغالي مشتاقين

Tom Etom says:

that gravy is soo rich i could take a cup of it and serve my family of 4 10 X’S over

kalpesh patil says:

sallo Ko ulata latakake marna chahiye BC

Nurul Aulia Dewi says:

so you hindus or muslim. cause you celebrating diwali but eat cow :’
i thought indian hindus doesnt eat cow..

Sk Abbas says:

ha ha ha ha

dinesh padhy says:

madarchod sala buddha marja jaldi….. kutta…. hindu k nam pe dhabba re to…. agar us raat tere mata pita na mile hote toh aaj tujh jesa kutta hinduo ka naam kharap nahi karta.. hewan madar chod…… tera beta ko dhund dhund k marunga ruk



ferrari boy says:

hendu BEEF nahe kate…so what the r doing??

Celismar Silva says:

Eat it fast before all the flies eat it.

Melanin Cunningham says:

Im hungry now

Tenzin Lhaden says:

Abba I love you !! You are the best !!! Keep it up n good luck from USA . Your son sound so sweet as well..

Rohit sharma says:

this is mother fucker gay I fuck his daughter basturd

Foodie TravellerVideo says:

Really good Recipe there is some more in my channel please visit

JD Dipowirono says:

You Hindus never been outside India have you? The whole world eats beef so quit crying and enjoy the video or go!

s0_ SiNCERE says:

57 sec mark nigga got 6 fingers. Chicken tenders

Igor Milojevic says:

Are u guys eating radioactive meat becouse i see some of you got 11 fingers

Ammaar Quraishi says:

and those claiming them to be muslims or christians, are clearly blind by the truth. you can see daddy at 2:10. He has his forehead smeared with sindoor or whatever that thing is called. Yup, rss and bajrang dal need to taste this as well hahahaha

zafar khan says:

Very tasty
Always eat red meat
Khana ise khao  .nakhre mat karo Bhagwan mata hai Ye wo Ise Bhagwan bol ke Bhagwan ka aur Mata bana ke apni maa ka ku apman kr rahe bhai jawab dijye

Aishwarya maiti says:

3k non-sense chicken eaters, cow protector, religious faggot dislikers lmao!!

Rajesh kumar says:

here in tamilnadu ,scheduled caste people eat beef…

bloodsling says:

doesn’t india have a lot of communicable diseases and sanitary issues? I mean the food looks good but I dunno about a buncha people pawing in the same pile of rice and meat,seems a breeding ground paradise for bacteria.

Vikram Singh says:

pls dont promote BEEF

s10804 says:

6 fingers?

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