Today l make for you a really delicious meat lovers pizza that tasted amazeballs!
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What l used:
3 pieces pastrami
2 to 4 pieces bacon
3 beef sausages
6 to 8 cherry tomatoes
half an onion
mozzarella cheese
pizza base
BBQ sauce
bake for 12 to 15 mins in a 220c / 450f oven

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Vince Cotton says:

Looks great Pal.
A red capsicum and a couple’a mushies wouldn’t go astray on that either…..

Long Face Crying Kim Kardashian says:


Jon De Iconuc says:

Now that is very enjoyful.. Greg..

Sara Álvarez says:

Don’t forget the carrots.

WTE Cassilas says:

nice pizza looking tasty…plz wear tshirt next time

Want_a_cookie says:

Looks amazing!

ghimggg says:

I’m making this and I think I can get everything from the 24hr servo.

kitty friend says:

that looks amazing

citizen762 says:

That pie looks good enough to make any dieter say “fuck it”!

WeirdoSockGirl says:

listen here you lil cheeky wombat lookin daddy long legs lookin piece of bread crumb lookin tomato juice slurpin, spagetti tongued lizard if you ever imitate my native language again im gonna get ya greggo and oh boi im gonna get ya good you lil snake lover asmr wannabe like srsly get out fred

DespresseJupiter6 says:

I love BBQ Pizza.

Rob's Smoke House says:

Love it! It turns out really Good on the Big Green Egge to my channel Subscribe and watch like share my videos

mrsgbee says:

Delicious! Just a little sprinkle of black pepper, now I am REALLY hungry.

Neetu Talwar says:

Tasted amazing

captainjerk says:

Aw, you made my favourite Greggo!
Those colours are vibrant! And the antioxidants help to build an armour fortress around your cells!
Yer the best! 😀

segaprophet says:

Freaking delicious. That prepared industro-crust is a shame, though.

Lo Angus says:

Bloody hell Greggo that pizza looked professional.

Wandaful ofit says:

nom nom nom
Drongo loving pizza.!!!

Janey says:

Looks amazing! I’m addicted to your channel Greg!

Belle Clifford says:

we need funny people like u on cooking channels not some boring blonde nammed anna

Anna Payne says:

That’s a right tasty looking pie!

Gregs Wife Melly BFF says:

2 4 6 8 bog in dont wait

Death|Kitty says:

You need a gregs kitchen sign behind you !!!!

king of kings says:

i am a meat lover and i loved it

nandyajoearmstrong says:

This is Gordon Ramsay in Australian version! xD

Tommy's Cooking Channel says:

MMMMMMMMMM…You Are Making me So Hungry, I wish I could take a slice of that pizza out of my computer screen. Just look at the ooey gooey melted cheese at 3:14. Thumbs Up For Greg! Who agrees?

coolguy indahouse says:

Ohhhh mate. I’m hungry now.

ASL pirate says:

No butter again aaaaa. 🙁

Imru I says:

Hi Greg, that looks awesome man, (without) the bacon.

Sina Atashfaraz says:

I always crack up when you say “Wack that on”

Neetu Talwar says:


Monkey D. Luffy says:

Bro if you could , do you reckon you could count calories, I really think if you add the calorie count to your videos so many more people will subscribe, a lot of people are into that lately so yeah 😀

Kezz2762 says:

Great pizza Greg…had to add the mushrooms for that extra oomph….yummo billyo

chris0tube says:

I thumb you every week my friend! 😀

Kulinary Kreations says:

Great looking pizza Greg! 😀

AusPearlJammer says:

Oh mate i really shouldnt be watching your videos at around 7am…. So hungry for that right now. Top job Grego, thats a “Blokes” Pizza 😉

Graham Bate says:

No butta, on the base, good to c u back in ur wife basher

madpoison100 says:

I produced baby sauce while eating this!

Julius Therese Soria says:


Monkey D. Luffy says:

I could eat it just like that, but I won’t hahahahaha

Pauloo7 says:

I’m a bit surprised that the Septics understood this video, but I don’t see any translation requests in the comments.

Blake Beecroft says:

Ahh I love ya

Neonbbq says:

havent watched your vids in a few weeks, but this one is really good!

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