Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Spaghetti and Meatballs Muffin Bites

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In this video, we use a standard muffin tin to make individual servings of spaghetti and meatballs. We first cook the pasta and then mix it together with grated Parmesan cheese to create nest-like cups. Nestle in pasta sauce and meatballs inside and send them into the oven, with an extra sprinkle of cheese.


Allrecipes says:

We like where you’re thinking, tb09277914. The zoodles might get squishy in the oven, but it’s worth a try. Share the results if you do.

IcewhipRoxx says:

I forgot to mix in the cheese, and they didn’t bind correctly. Still, it’s excellent for portions, and is still very yummy!

Cannabisaurus Rex says:

Why the fuck does every damn food have to be “muffin-ized”.


this is an excellent idea for spaghetti squash

blessedlady7 says:

Looks great!

Starman says:

I would use egg instead of cheese to bake it.

Смачного! says:

Very nice

Cat Situ says:

Thanks for the recipe! I tried it. It turned out great. I love the presentation. The cheese was definitely the glue. The spaghetti on the edge got a little hard. Other than that, it tasted good.

krishnan srinivasan says:

Nice 🙂

Wise Man says:

Have tried this 3 times but the pasta never comes out as a muffin, but more like birdsnest.. what’s the secret ?

mzcrazyhunnii says:

These looks great, where did you get the utensil that you used to get the noodles out of the muffin pan at the end of the video from, please?

郑紫薇 says:

Spaghetti look like soggy ?

Corey R says:

Why will I never look at spaghetti and meatballs the same? How will I look at it?

Enoque Freitas says:

show espetacular

Angela Byrd says:

I’m going to try this!

Guestabro #1 says:

Could I submit a family recipe?

Kadooji Al Saeed says:

amazing idea♡

Marco Burlon says:

I’m italian and i have to tell you a secret that CIA doesn’t want you know it…..In Italy WE DON’T EAT SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS!!!

Nicky Plaisier says:

is it possible to make this without the cheese? 😮 (allergic) Or would that ruin the recipy?

SinnerInSecret says:

what’s the recipe for the meatballs?

pipsmom says:

That’s just gross. Also, ewwww.

Wallenstein says:

Jesus enough cheese!?

Adios Epic says:

Christ, was it hurricane season?


Lovely gave me idea of vegetarian version

Satan says:

Will these fit into my pants pockets?

Lauren R says:

There’s a lot of variables that would work fine. I’d make it the way it’s shown for my son and husband, or with sausage, chicken for a chicken parm. with mozzarella that we’d all like, (always garnishing with freshly cut/chopped sweet basil). Even artichoke quarters and use a white sauce made with butter, garlic, pepper, parm., etc. The ideas are endless-great little recipe ideas that can be arranged on a platter for a great dinner with a slices of a favorite bakery bread and dipping sauce on the side. I’ll definitely be making variations of this often! Lauren R.

Gil Roc says:

I liked the video…
Can i post your video in my blog?
Best regards!

Amelia Sunnarborg says:

looks so good!

TechieMomintheKitchen says:

yummm! must try this soon 🙂

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

What a fun recipe!

Pari shah says:

can we use other cheese instead of parmesan cheese fOr binding..?? If yes then what it would be

Scarlett Jewell says:

For all of the posters commenting that there is too much cheese. Divided among 12 muffins, each serving contains about 2 tablespoons. For many, that is not enough! Love that parmesan cheese.

Teri Chung says:

why did ok watch this at NIGHT NOW IM STARVINGGGG….

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