Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Crab Rangoon

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Watch to make classic crab Rangoon, the crispy appetizer wontons stuffed with cream cheese, crabmeat, and garlic. Bake them until beautifully golden brown. Or if you prefer, fry them in a little hot oil. Either way, they’re always a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

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mysciontc says:

Worchestire sauce

lily edison says:

first comment yay!!!!

Aafreen Bhojani says:

Worcestershire sauce

mysciontc says:

Worchestershire sauce

Felicia Huggins says:

This might be sily but where do you get the wonton wrappers at in the store I have looked everywhere

vanscoyoc says:

Video shows jumbo lump fresh cooked crabmeat not canned.  Canned crabmeat smells and tastes like cat food.  Not recommended.

Ninou Louxie says:

This looks delicious .. Can’t wait to try it for my man 🙂

justabit says:

Can i use pasta penné for wrap? It’s so much better!

Thomas Pennington says:

do you bake them or fry them?

Love2loveu00 says:

My favorite when I order chinese food. Gonna try it at home.

LaLa Johnson says:

food wishes is better

Emily Merovich says:

Poor crab!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

Riaz Murad says:

i would definitely add a lot of spices and maybe some chopped herbs or vegetabls to enhance the flavor, because to me, these seem a little bland, but otherwise, i love the whole concept and everything

So Soap says:

Soooo cutie!!! Great recipe!

dewhy kay says:

425C…what kind of stuff do you have at home xD

Cindy Lei says:

Looks delicious! I have this unhealthy addiction to crab rangoons haha! I should give this a try one day!

firewall430 says:


Faten Kharoufeh says:

Can you do it with chicken

firewall430 says:

That look delightful. …

teresa cheong says:

Worsterchers sauce

bryan esguerra says:

can i use tuna instead of crab meat?

ghaida h says:

Nice one. And loved the commentator. Happy New Year everybody.

Nhi Mai says:

Delicious! Can’t wait to taste this. Combine creamcheese and crab. Awesome 🙂

Um Zaynab says:

What will be a good substitute for crab meat ?

Pagan Min Crab Rangoon Expert says:

Ah excellent, now I can make some Crab Rangoon for my visiting step son, thank you 🙂

Felicia Huggins says:

Thank you for the help

Bethabara9 says:

Don’t use canned crab meat, just awful. The imitation is even better, if fresh crab not available. Be aware, I know a lot of recipes call for garlic but all garlics are not the same. Smell it, if its pungent, it will overwhelm what you are making.

MY EYES! says:

For ur next vid can u show us how to deep fry a turkey?

pkmnan00bis says:

Aww … should’ve looked at this before picking up my New Years appetizers today. 

I would’ve made this even simpler by using two tubs of Onion and Chive Cream Cheese, Lump Crab, and seasoning for the filling. Think the tubs are four ounces each so you need two of them to make the full batch. 

Faten Kharoufeh says:

ًthanks شكرًا للوصفه

juniorny07 says:

What is that souce on the side with scallion

babysnooks says:

Katie…put whatever you want in it…lol…it’s not an exact science

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