Annoying Vegans + Vegans can eat Meat & Cheese?! MUKBANG + RECIPE

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Vegan Dutch woman denied citizenship

Colleen Patrick Goudreau
Meat, Milk and Butter for Vegans

Did you know that 14 of the 15 Leading causes of our DEATH are linked to ANIMAL products!

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Celimene says:

As a Swiss citizen, I want to thank Nancy for her commitment and her willingness. Very inspiring! Next level activism. I would have given her her passport 10x. I actually never though about the cows’ bells, but now you talk about it, it’s awful! And I am not proud of these traditions, trust me!! Sometimes, local swiss people are so close-minded, it’s terrible. Very frustrating.
Thanks for the video guys, I love your mukbangs. I had a carrot soup, vegan panini (vegan cheese, or “Gary”, vegan pesto and tomatoes) and salad.

Joe Grant says:

Right!! Meat in the Bible means food! It does not mean a literal animal – so I guess now these morons will argue with or twist the Bible the way they’ve done forever?! God never meant for humans or even animals originally to consume flesh!

Jackie S says:

I tried this recipe today with some minor tweaks and it was so delicious! thx for sharing! 🙂

discorf says:

Having lunch. Couscous with roasted pumpkin, cucumber, capsicum, kalamata olives, avocado and nutritional yeast. So good!!

Matthew Barlow says:

You guys are awesome!

The Funny Jerk says:

Watching this and salivating – time for lunch!

A joke for you from TheFunnyJerk:

What’s the best way to keep milk fresh?
Leave it in the cow!

Nelthaki May says:

Snacking on soy yoghurt with weetabix

Pamela D. says:

Love your new video formats! Glad you found a great new home!

Silke Huybrechts says:

If eating fake cheese and meat (a.k.a. cheese and meat that’s not made from animal products) is okay, is it okay to wear fake leather and fake fur (a.k.a. leather and fur that doesn’t actually come from animal skins)? I don’t wear leather anymore and have never ever worn fur, but I am wondering if this doesn’t send the wrong message? And isn’t that the same for fake cheese and fake meat? Because often people who see you’re eating fake meat or see you’re wearing fake leather won’t know that it’s fake… And is it okay for me to wear the real leather shoes that I bought before I went vegan, until they are worn out and then replace them with a vegan alternative, or shouldn’t I be wearing them at all anymore? I know there’s no right or wrong answer here but I have been struggling with these kind of questions for a while now so I would love to know your opinion on them!

Sue X says:

Where do vegans stand on abortion?

thrivesurvive says:

I’m eating my green smoothie and taking my supplements while I watch.

Norm Al says:

That looks so good I have to make that!!!! And I have some fresh guacamole!!!

Eva's Time says:

I would say you two are passionate not annoying vegans!! lol luv you two

Gevsch Vjys mk says:

I cubed the potatoes and put it in a whole wheat burrito so delicious. Added sriracha for extra flavor

Emily Nicole says:

Dish looks amazing!!!

Jane Wack says:

Can you het patistion to get signed.for her?

Ian Parker says:

Hi guys.. you were my lunchtime watch today (watching a video, whilst eating) it was great like we were eating together and listening to your pearls of wisdom. Really interesting, especially about being, in some instances, provocative, as I’m normally quite passive… hmmmm thanks! #LunchWithThatVeganCouple 😉

TheBathroomGirl says:

love that you’re starting more and more to cook your beans from scratch.. and jealous of the fresh coriander that your disposal!

Kailey Lamey says:

you guys spill the fucking tea every episode and i love you for that

Romy Weeda says:

please make a video about Annie Jaffrey. she used to be a raw vegan, and I think she still eats plant based. but she put up a Lookbook video were she is wearing a calfsleather handbag and leather shoes. In a previous video she and her boyfriend were wearing a coat with fur… I think it was from Canadian Goose… she is out of her mind..

Sofie Scheele says:

The food looks so delicious! Maybe salsa sauce would be great with it 🙂
I’m eating blood-oranges 🙂

Harry R says:

Just made the potato nachos and they’re amazing!

Lisha'sLife says:

I got hungry while watching this video. So I made something similar to yours. Delicious!

Make it Count says:

i was eating rice with peas and chickpeas with potatoes haha

Blizz4everWoW says:

+That Vegan Couple I do not believe animal agriculture actually thinks consumers don’t realize they are picking almond milk when they want poor cow puss. I believe it is a fake problem to screw vegans, vegetarians, those lactose intolerant, with allergies, and those who just prefer it. Even though I agree that meat from a coconut is still meat & conversely the milk extracted from a coconut is milk, I rather them be renamed then to banned. I love you two & your vlogs! HUGS!

chaniecekinglife14 says:

breakfast…. fries with oil and salt (bit unhealthy today) but still Vegan.

raebsen says:

I’ve never followed you guys before due to hearing about you thru the veganCheater. watched a few videos by chance and you two have won me over! really enjoying your content!

veganratmama says:

strawberry banana smoothie, brunch, Chicago

Eva R says:

That looks delicious! I think avocado is a must!
Edit: You guys aren’t on the annoying scale! You’re awesome!

Pamela D. says:

Oh, and I know exactly the Colleen P-G podcast you’re talking about! I’ve listened to her for years, and I clearly remember that episode about the word “meat.”

Mish Ka V says:


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