8 Dessert Recipes For Holiday Parties

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Nithila Jayakumar says:

you guys are so talented

Gieann Pervera says:

what was the powder stuff for the chocolate hazelnut souffle

SyskeBehard says:

The chocolate banana bread pudding and the chocolate almond braid look AMAZING

Sana Qureshi says:

If you don’t understand it… FRY IT XP

Gatime te Ndryshme says:

That cracker candy looked so delicious! *-*

ImPandaGuyMCPE says:

Tasty…i only have one asshole….i dont wanna destoy it

ZoeyPlay RBLX says:


JustUs says:

sometimes i feel america needs to lower their chocolate intake

Yash Joshi says:

I think YSAC made cracker candy in his channel too…

Blessed Hoshi says:

I like the music, does anyone know how i can get it?

Jaz Sysouv says:

I love this channel!!!!

Ded Wardm says:

Is there a sexuality for food? (I wish I were kidding)

Masindy Joseph says:

what song is this

eman297 361 says:

wtf who fills churros? white people always changing shit

Kawzer Jaleel says:

Yummy. Great Job.

Meka Achilles says:

the one before the last ,,u know damn well im not sharing that with no one

Patricia Ruiz says:

Hola ! me pueden informar cuál es la receta para preparar la masa del pastel de queso crema con azúcar y canela. Gracias

Rogan Pogan says:

wow! that was great!

Brisa Gutierrez says:

quien habla español

Beautify says:

are Graham’s crackers like digestive biscuits?!?!???

Tae Kookies says:

I literally come back to this video everyday because I love the music

Lorenzo Potrich says:

Whoever decided to put salt in a dessert, deserves to go to fucking HELL!

Ghita LLD says:

2 M subscriber

Dizazter Aka says:


Andrew Esquivel says:

Song name please

Michelle Cirene says:

Amo esta musica

samuel kletz says:

Link for the music?

Gabriel Tv says:

cracker candy sounds a bit racist

Destiny Fultz says:


Spiro Dimakas says:

Only still watching this video for the song. LOL

Belgelyn Wee says:

You got a new subscriber

stardropSylveon says:

people are so salty in the comments

Fanrht 101 says:

5:00 Always a man saying ”OH HOOH YES”

Pl3xus II says:

Where can i buy marshmallow fluff?

TheNerdy Gamer says:

I don’t think frying some cut up red velvet batter equals a desert…. -_-

Bishwabandana Roy says:


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