8 Delicious Appetizers For Your Next Party

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Israel Moreno says:

Yeah I’m gonna does eating this

Kiweh says:

Why do people wear gloves when preparing jalapenos? I have always done it with my bare hands without any problems

Kunaya says:

People who comment about Tasty reposting be QUAKING

Joe Pressley says:

I only watch these when I’m hungry, don’t have any of the ingredients, and know I can’t even boil water properly…

An Cermet says:

3:51 America at its finest

Can I just say, that looks DISGUSTING

Kevin Jefferson says:

am I the only one here who think this is like a repetitive video? Like I know this recipe in their old video :/

ninja 103 says:

It looks sooo yummy

Science ain't fiction - that's what they say says:

My cholesterol increased 5 times just by looking at the video

Iris Niang says:

My biggest dream is that one day I’ll hire a butler that makes all of these!

Ruth Gustin says:

4:27 hate that noise

Deepali Malviya says:

Plzz give sum veg recipes..thanku

NiallMakesMeSmile says:

I make the garlic pull aparts all the time. They’ve really become my go-to thing for when someone asks me to bring food to a party.

Jevarr says:

this is the only good buzzfeed channel!

HeadlessAlvitso ! says:

Who here never thrown a party but wants to make these foods

Pulakesh Pandit says:

The recipes are so tasty

Arpita Purkayastha says:

One thing tho y dip an egg in an egg?

DarkGaming _Side says:

Even I watch pizza bomb so much time but it still the best I see

WindowsEffects 2018 HD is Back says:


fully grown pizza says:

I am vegetarian cuz I am forced by my family…..give me substitute for pepperoni…pls

Bindhu VK Pillai says:

I will die for this

Asia Grabowska says:

Noisy and too fast! I hate it

babybunnnie says:

These recipes are just heart attack served on a plate

Nabiha Fahim says:

Dip an egg in an egg.

Lojain B says:

What dough was used in the pull apart garlic rolls

RegmoX says:

There are lot of high fat foods in these recipes.

Jackie Kramer says:

Why the fuck would you use a hotdog for that? Hell no

Sneakz 121 says:


rose flower says:


Ex Cee says:

The yaaas in the title offends me deeply.

Joanne Holmberg says:

Can u tell us who says the “yaaaaas” at the end of the video?

Danny Lieberwirth says:

those hotdogs are a fucking disgrace

صكارهم حنش says:


Egle Davidsoniene says:

Yammy yammy meal. Thank you.


Yeah right like I can ever make that stuff

Iram Naushad says:

Ye saari cheezei India mei nahi milti

H恵美子 says:

Healthy doesn’t exist in Tasty’s vocabulary.

Missy Rey says:

Are these all recipes in other tasty videos?

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