6 Vegetarian Party Appetizers

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ღ• Feather •ღ says:

*Tasty Exposed*
Tasty made any poison foods and it already poisoned people and KFC shut down for dank meme reason.
Burger King and MCDonald are gay now they already kissed each other and Wendy is jealous of this stupid poison food and they steal the recipe from Tasty. ok pls stfu

ゆき ゆき says:

I came from watching how to debone a pigs head to this (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎) omg

Fabiana Castillo says:

tasty what´s happening you haven´t upload anything in the last 2 days

Muhammad Abdurahman says:

The best part about food is…..EATING IT

Dioiki̱tí̱s Dux Ducis says:

Could you guys make a video on how to make an Italian ricotta and mascarpone cheesecake? I found a recipe already, however, it is very difficult to translate from German (the language it was written in) and convert from grams at the same time.

Adri Films says:


Yeah man J P says:

Tasty is fucking painful to watch

Z_POL says:

Please deposit your hate comment about this recipes down here :]

브니스트리니티 says:

When you’re on a diet and all you do is watch junk food videos

Faith Nope says:

will vegitarians eat MY meat?

Willybear & Adobe says:

Can you make a vegan version?

Fox says:

I’ve lived my entire life thinking artichoke hearts were hearts of small fish…

العتيبي العتيبي says:

عندك مرض اسمه ابدااع

Meenakshi Sankaranarayanan says:

What can we use instead of using egg

FADHLUW Fadhlurachman says:

Hey can u make fruit leather or ketchup leather or someting alike

mustafa ahmed says:

Hi Tatsty! I have a request and I hope u will fulfill my request. Tasty, u make lots of delicious foods and desserts from all over the world so plz make Pakistani foods and desserts too like biryani, kebabs, karahi, nihari etc and kheer, rasmalai etc in desserts. Plz plz plz Tasty, I am a big fan of yours and I know u will fulfill my request.

KikoTheBoss says:

Wtf why would Mozzarella Onion Rings be non vegetarian you have to make a meal that has meat and replace it

Hitmonbug says:

I first tought it said “party ass”

The Real Thing says:

the best one is the falafal sliders

Alex Harris says:

WARNING: Parmesan is not vegetarian

ashutosh salunke says:

indian spoted @ 2:45

Xarzi ! says:

0:11 that is not vegetarian

Miranda Mom says:

Where did you find such beautiful tomatoes in March?

لعبة#التصويب بلعربي says:

عربي لايك

David Ly says:

2:49 sorry ur hands look gross

Johan Ajrami says:

I first thought the mofo doing the masala fries had vitiligo or some shit, and I was like, bitch, the f*ck’s wrong with your hands?!
But then I realized it was just some hippie temp tattoo bullshit, and I was like, bitch, the f*ck’s wrong with your head?!

Narendra Thackeray says:


Jose Felix Gonzalez Sanchez says:

Upload a video

Joy Dunbar says:

Parmesan is not vegeterian

Rebecca Quinn says:

They didn’t mention it in this video, but if you are a vegetarian making these, make sure to find a parmesan cheese that doesn’t use rennet! It comes from the stomach of a cow.

DaCecily 353 says:

That is NOT mozzarella. Said by an italian.

Krhodes02 says:

What exactly are lentils?

Toyotomi Hideyoshi says:

what is you cooking again Sherin

lightdanger says:

Out of curiosity, I was wondering, was the Masala Fries originally from Tasty India or Tasty England? The Chips make me think England but everything else makes me think India… I am mostly trying to figure out which out I should look into further because that was a really interesting idea.

vernyfernandez says:

i loved all but the fried stuff. not healthy

Yashowardhan Jain says:

Please upload some PURE VEGETARIAN dishes also, i.e. without eggs.

The Cheshire Cat says:

just a question…why no pescatarian recipes?? just a thought

Georgie Tregunna says:

The nachos are a great idea!

Green Acres says:

Awesome videos. I liked your cast iron video as well. I use it all the time even over an open fire or on my wood rocket stove. I do a lot of canoeing, camping, fishing and outdoor activity. Thanks for sharing all your great videos.

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