6 Delicious Party Appetizers

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David Welsh says:

They all look good.

John Smith says:

The first one almost made me report this damn video.
How disgusting

Cedric Fontaine says:

What is the Tomato sauce ?

Nosrep Suomynona says:

these are appetizers? any of these can already be a full meal for me

Alexis J Welsh says:

people that are complaining about Tasty re-uploading videos then how about suggest some recipes or something and stop complaining I don’t like seeing the same videos over and over again but every now and then I see a new video so why don’t you try it out

GunLong878 FireyBow says:

that stuffed burger damn that sounds good

cardasu1974 says:

Hate the ” oh yes…!!!” jerk…!!!

airplane lover says:

I wish i live in tasty

hellohi123ist says:

Season the chicken next time

Rafael Vigil says:

the music sounds like it belongs in a 70s porno

Dark83Noodle says:

not a slider

Its EZK says:

The song is familiar, I think this is in an old CN game isn’t it

Jasmine Rowe-Williams says:

That commentary tho

ooi zhilin says:

ive never had devilled eggs are they good?

I am a Unicorn and I don't believe in Humans says:

Watching this in while fasting 🙁

john anderson says:

just throw away the broccoli its no good

Valeria T says:

That music sounds like it belongs into one of the persona games

Haysum Khan says:

who’s fasting?

zomgseriosuly says:

0:13 eggception

Flaming Hot Homosexual says:


Mou Rahman says:

when I saw the broccoli recipe I thought it was broccoli tots and at the end it says broccoli tots!!!!!

Aya Labnine says:

I’m fasting why am I doing this to myself

Ahmed Mahmood says:

garlic bread chicken parm is datto’s recipe

Emmanuel M. says:

Is it me or this has been re-uploaded… again lol

GameKnight3707 says:

I would just make these for myself probably.

360noscope420blazeitm8 says:

they diped an egg in egg

Rickeld says:

What the fuck was that ending though

v t says:


Yasin Osman says:

Explain to me why Im watching this in Ramadan

JayDicine says:

Ok all you people who are raging because they re-upload it’s because if someone were to search: “Party Appetizers” then they could just find this video. instead of looking for the specific videos.

iceola says:


Bruce Sprague says:

Damn this track is BUMPIN’!

Macho Nacho says:

I sorta cringed at the “Broccoli-tots” one

Mohamed Ali Geele says:

Ron ton sfx

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